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Destination: Bachelorette Shower

Words by Kate Darnell
Images by Caroline at Tiny Water

A traditional bridal shower typically consists of mediocre food, crepe paper, silly games and most guests feeling like it’s more of an obligation to attend rather than something they really want to engage in. Admit it ladies, the idea of sitting around with a smile plastered on your face as you try to decipher a word scramble for yet another bottle of Bath & Body Works Cucumber Melon Body Lotion makes you want to gouge out your own eyes, even if you do love the bride-to-be.

But what if you didn’t have to have a run-of-the-mill bridal shower? What if you broke the mold and planned it someplace fabulous? With great food, a few days for all the gals to connect and unwind and actually have fun!

Wedding publicist, Leila Khalil, had some forward thinking friends, Jenny Deveto and Michelle Curtis, who planned a bachelorette party/bridal shower combo in the fabulous destination of Napa, California. “I knew I wanted to do an all-in-one celebration because I have friends spread across the nation and wanted to make it easy for them to attend one main event. My closest friends offered to host a pre-wedding event and I got very excited about the idea,” says Leila.

And what a weekend it was! The shower was held at Carneros Inn in Napa on a gorgeous sunny day with Leila’s closest friends and family in attendance. “Everyone was thrilled to be able to get out of town and to go somewhere relaxing. My favorite part was that we were all together for several days as opposed to an afternoon for a few hours,” says Leila.

The design inspiration came from Leila’s childhood love affair with a certain citrus fruit. “I love to be outside and am inspired by the beauty of nature. I grew up close to fruit orchards, mostly lemons. Because of that I've always loved lemons - the flavor, using them in decor and accents and even the color. Being in Napa I was inspired to do something very fresh, and to me that was incorporating my love of lemons. From my engagement party to my wedding, and all the events in between, I have been able to incorporate things that inspire me and reflect my personality. This shower was a true testament to all the elements I love.”

When they arrived on the patio of the Hilltop Dining Restaurant, the guests were greeted by stunning tablescapes designed by Nancy Liu Chen (one of Leila’s favorite floral designers), “It was all about eyelet lace, using lemons and keeping the overall feeling very spring, bright and fresh,” says Leila. “It was great spending a relaxing afternoon wine tasting in one of my favorite places to vacation in California. Many of my friends had never been wine tasting there, so it was such a unique experience to share that with them. I'll never forget having all my best friends and family with me to celebrate such a special time in my life!”

Venue: Carneros Inn
Floral and event design: Nancy Liu Chen Designs
Zenadia Designs
Photographer: Caroline at Tiny Water
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