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Friday, February 13, 2015

Simply Elegant New York Wedding

Words by Natalie Long
Photos courtesy of Shaw Photography Co.

This upbeat couple enjoyed a romantic destination wedding in a traditional Skaneateles First Baptist Church. “We were looking for a location that would be beautiful in upstate New York even in the early spring,” says the couple. They also wanted a location which ensured all of their close family and friends could attend without any stress. “It was important for us to share the day with our family and traveling for us was easier than having our whole guest list travel to the West Coast,” says Abby.

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“We knew that we didn’t want a big, traditional wedding,” says the bride. The couple wanted a location that had a wonderful dining experience included so they didn’t have to deal with multiple vendors. “That was a very intentional decision on our part when we were looking for a location. We knew it would become too complicated and frustrating to manage a lot of vendors from afar.”

“I would say planning a destination wedding requires a lot of faith and having an understanding that things might not work out as planned and that is okay,” says Abby.

“The biggest inconvenience happened to us on our way,” says the bride. “We were scheduled to arrive in New York just a few days before our wedding to prepare for the big day. On our way from Seattle we were delayed in Philadelphia due to a flood. We ended up having to sleep on the floor of the airport. We tried to make the best of it and pretend like we were camping, one of our favorite pastimes. We ended up losing a day to get things ready, but luckily got the first flight out of Philly the next morning.” Something unexpected can happen, but if you take control of the situation, it can be a wonderful memory that you and your partner can later look back on and enjoy. 

“Like any wedding planning it can be stressful, but our overall experience was great,” says the couple. Abby designed many of the items incorporated into the beautiful day. “If there was something wedding related we could make ourselves, we did,” says the bride.

Elderberry Pond ended up being the perfect location,” says Abby. “We chose our wedding date to work with their schedule.”

Planning a destination wedding requires flexibility. “Honestly we made a lot of it up as we went along,” says the bride. “If we had an idea we would run with it and see where it went. Sometimes that worked out and sometimes it didn’t.”

This couple’s simple and elegant wedding in upstate New York turned out beautifully. “It will still be just as special, beautiful and important if you don’t have the right color napkins or if you have to sleep on the airport floor,” says the bride. Marriage is all about defeating obstacles together and in return you are always making memories with the one you love by your side.


  • Be flexible and take everything in stride. Things will not go as planned along the way, but they will end up being just as they should.
  • The most important thing is the person you are marrying. That is what this day is all about.
  • Enjoy and cherish the process. Enjoy those afternoons you spend together licking envelopes and stamping wedding initiations, those are part of the memories too.

Vendors: Photographer: Shaw Photography Co., Ceremony/Reception Site: Skaneateles First Baptist Church and Elderberry Pond Restaurant, Gown Designer: Leanne Marshall, Florist: Fleur de Lis Florist, Groom’s Clothing Designer: Hugo Boss from Nordstrom, Makeup Artist: Gina Scammell

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