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Words by Jennifer Stein
E.B. Coaching Services/Mars Venus Coaching
E.B. Coaching Services will help individuals achieve extraordinary results; improve their quality of life and productivity. Our services can dramatically enhance personal performance in the areas of communication, relationships and life management.  We specialize in delivering our proven workshops, seminars and coaching programs to individuals, getting results, having fun, empowering people to take action on what they have learned and providing results far beyond anything ever experienced before.  The concept of coaching – a professional relationship that can help individuals achieve extraordinary results – is one that’s catching on in a big way. 
Relationship coaching helps people:
  • Set and achieve lifetime goals
  • Assist with time and stress management
  • Design smarter strategies and action plans for achieving their goals
  • Keep focus on the big picture
  • Improve personal effectiveness, communication and productivity.
  • Improve male and female relationships
  • Become a more effective parent

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