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Friday, September 4, 2015

Sweet Tulum, Mexico Nuptials

Words by Courtney Kellar
Photos courtesy of Devin Hendrick Photography

Michigan couple Lindsey and Ricky wanted an intimate, laidback wedding and an excuse to escape the harsh Midwestern winter! “The more we thought about it, a wedding in warm, beautiful weather sounded more and more appealing and would allow us to keep it small.” The couple immediately thought of Mexico, but was able to narrow down their destination to Tulum with the help of a friend. “I started looking at destination wedding websites and looking at different location options, then a friend told me about her destination wedding in Tulum…” says Lindsey. “Coincidentally, my aunt had just purchased a timeshare in Tulum and said we could get a discount through her at the resort. So, everything just kind of fell into place.”

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Thankfully, the couple’s guests loved the idea of heading south of the border and escaping the Michigan winter for some fun in the sun. Overall, the bride loved the planning process and these lovebirds only experienced a few minor hang-ups. “[The experience] was amazing,” says the bride. “I felt so stress free. Yeah, we had to meet with the wedding coordinator here and there before the wedding once we got there, but it was like a mini vacation with my family and friends before the wedding.”

Because the couple’s chosen venue didn’t provide free transportation to and from the airport, the couple rented a car. The bride urges caution for other couples considering a rental car in Mexico. “We signed up online and thought we got this great deal, but when we got down there, they charged us all these hidden fees and insurance charges. Our rental car came to almost three-times the amount we thought we were going to be charged. So, my recommendation if you rent a car, is to check out that country’s rental laws, find out how much insurance is and if it’s mandatory.”

While the couple ran into a speed bump (no pun intended) while renting their car, they were smart and made use of their chosen destination’s other resources. “We were trying to keep costs down and I found the flowers to be a huge expense, so I had the resort do my bridal bouquet and the main centerpiece, but then I went into town and found a flower shop. I bought some loose flowers and made my bridesmaids’ bouquets and other table centerpieces. In all, those totaled $15 – a major save!”

In the end, the couple got the intimate destination wedding they were after. “There are no words to describe how perfect our wedding was,” says Lindsey. “From the rustic, chapel wedding, to the mariachi band cocktail hour, to the reception in the sand with the waves crashing in the background and a full moon overhead – it was all breathtaking. I don’t think we could have found that perfect of a setting anywhere around home. Having a destination wedding kept our guest count small and I felt like we were able to talk and mingle with everyone the entire night.”

Vendors: Photographer: Devin Hendrick Photography, Ceremony/Reception Site: Dreams Tulum Resort & Spa, Wedding Planner/Florist/Cake/Hair & Makeup: Dreams Tulum Resort & Spa, Stationery: Shutterfly, Gown Designer: Allure, Groom’s Clothing Designer: Island Importer

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