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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Charming Victoria, BC Nuptials

Words by Courtney Kellar
Photos courtesy of Jessica Maida Photography

Kate and Brett had already decided on the location of their destination wedding, but had second thoughts and ultimately decided on Victoria, British Columbia – much to the relief of their friends and family. “To us, Victoria was the perfect location,” says the bride. “When we booked the venues we were living in another province and picked Victoria because our families both lived nearby and the beauty of the city is hard to beat. Both friends and family were very relieved. Our original location was somewhere with extreme heat and hard to get to, so when we changed to Victoria, which has such great weather and so much to see and do for the out-of-towners, everyone was excited. It showed in our RSVPs – it felt like no one said no.”

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Kate was relatively hands-off in the planning process and didn’t stress about the details and the timeline. Thankfully, her venues planners were on top of things and the only issue the couple ran into was setting a date. “We had issues finding a date that was available,” explains the bride. “The island is such a great wedding destination that you almost have to book a venue years in advance. The planners at both my venues were so helpful and any coordinating was done through them: dinner, the band…it was such a great help.”

Once the date had been set and the venues decided, Kate took it easy on the planning. “The experience was so much fun. I left most of it to the last minute and then had so much help from family and friends. It would not have come together like it did without them.” Part of what we found so charming about this wedding were the quaint details, soft colors and beautiful setting. As it turns out, the bride had a hand in almost every aspect of décor.

“The whole wedding was a DIY wedding. From the cake, which my girlfriend whipped together the day before, to the photo booth, flowers and décor.” Come W-Day, Kate and Brett were joined by 150 loved ones who were thrilled to travel to Victoria…even if it was a little difficult. “[Travel logistics were] complicated as most of our guests were coming from the other side of the country, if not the world,” says the bride. “We had to coordinate flights and ferries, but for the most part everyone figured it out on their own.”

In the end, Kate and Brett got the quaint, charming wedding they wanted – without a lot of stress and a big budget. They have no doubts about opting for a destination wedding. “[A hometown wedding] would not have been a great place for a ‘vacation’ for the guests. Other than the wedding, most people made a week or long weekend out of the trip, so inviting everyone to a desirable destination is key.” This laid-back bride has some final words of advice for other couples planning their own destination wedding. “Don’t over plan…everything falls into place without all the stress. And, of course, enjoy yourself.”

Vendors: Photographer: Jessica Maida Photography, Location: Victoria, British Columbia, Ceremony Site: Starling Lane Vineyard, Reception Site: The Beach House Restaurant, Stationery: Vik Creative, Hair & Makeup: Erin Bradley, Gown Designer: Anna Campbell, Groom’s Clothing Designer: Vera Wang

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