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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Explore the Capitals of Vietnam

Words by Courtney Kellar

If you’re looking for a unique honeymoon idea that will be chock-full of history and adventure, then the “A Capital Idea” package from Accor Hotel Group might be a great fit! The package is a five-day, four-night exploration of two of Vietnam’s most prestigious cities – each of which reigned as the country’s capital at one time. Hanoi was capital of Vietnam from 1010 to 1802 and has been again since 1945. Hue was capital during the last imperial dynasty in Vietnam from 1802-1945.

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For your Southeast Asia honeymoon and via the “A Capital Idea” package, you will stay at the Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi and the MGallery La Residence Hue Hotel & Spa. Each luxury property will serve as the base for your adventures. The package is designed to help you explore various cultural aspects of each city. Professional guides lead all excursions and activities include:

●     Citadels: Each city thrived during its heyday within the compounds of massive citadels, and each Citadel figures prominently in the cities’ respective designations as UNESCO World Heritage Sites today. Mere fragments of Hanoi’s remain. Hue’s Citadel is largely intact and the most stunning example of the form in Southeast Asia.

●     Temples of Literature: Hanoi’s temple dates to 1070 and celebrates the Vietnamese esteem for education and literature. Hue’s take on such a compound is a modest echo of its astonishing counterpart in Hanoi, but compelling nevertheless.

●     Leaders’ Tombs: In Hue, the funereal cities of Vietnam’s Nguyen kings are vast, landscaped parks reminiscent of Asian wonderlands depicted on old ink paintings. In Hanoi, devotees of Ho Chi Minh wind their way through a refrigerated viewing chamber where the first leader of modern Vietnam still lies in state.

The package also includes a romantic dinner at the Metropole’s Spices Garden Restaurant and La Residence’s Le Parfum Restaurant. “A Capital Idea” is available for booking though September 30 and the five-day, four-night package starts at 25 million VND or $1,125 USD per person. For more information, visit or

Photos courtesy of (in order of appearance): MGallery La Residence Hue Hotel & Spa (1st, 2nd, 4th & 5th) and Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi (3rd & 6th-8th).

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