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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Guest and Wed at the Greyfield Inn

Words by Candice Maniga

On Cumberland Island, just off the coast of Georgia, sits the beautiful Greyfield Inn. The 16-room property, built by the Carnegie family around 1900 and turned into an inn by the 1960s, turns back time for visitors with its look and history.

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Greyfield Inn's guests can expect to spot wild horses passing by, take in nature’s beauty with the surrounding miles of untouched land and hear a bell announcing dinner. During the day, visitors can explore the island’s several miles of deserted beachfront by bike, hike, kayak, bird-watching, taking a Naturlist-led tour and more. Bookworms can take their pick from the Inn's library, grab a cocktail from the Honest John Bar and head to the porch swing for a quick read. While there's plenty of opportunity to take adventures in the area, the traditionally Southern food may keep guests at the property all day. 

Chefs Whitney Otawka and Ben Wheatley, along with Beverage and Service Director Christopher Becerra, treat guests to breakfast, a picnic lunch and a three-course dinner with wine pairings on weekends. After filling up, guests can check out the 1.5-acre garden under the care of Ryan Graycheck and Maya Velasco. The freshly-grown produce dictates the Greyfield Inn’s menu year-round. 

Although Greyfield doesn’t have wedding-specific specials, the Wi-Fi-free inn is just the place for a quaint, remote wedding.

There’s an all-inclusive package deal that would suit a wedding party just fine for a three-day weekend. The venue is ideal for smaller weddings with a maximum of 50 people – 32 would stay at the inn while 18 would be transported to the ceremony and reception from Amelia Island. For weddings with a maximum of 32 people, the entire party can stay at the Greyfield Inn. 

Package pricing includes the ceremony and ranges between $29,800 - $33,970, excluding taxes and any special requests made by the bride and groom. 

For more information about having a wedding at the Greyfield Inn, visit

Photos courtesy of (in order of appearance): Ron B. Wilson (1st and 2nd) and Alan Weiner (3rd)

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