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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Save Memories with Picture Keeper

Words by Candice Maniga
Photos courtesy of Picture Keeper

Weddings and honeymoons are full of candid, picture-worthy moments. Something that can easily ruin capturing the memories is the abrupt alert that your phone is out of storage and can't take the photo until your memory is backed up. The only thing worse than a phone saying it doesn’t have enough storage in that scenario is your computer saying the same when you try to backup your phone! Picture Keeper just made having enough digital memory to hold the memories of your lifetime a whole lot easier. The USB drive is portable and use is as simple as plugging it in. 

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Picture Keeper plugs into Macs, PCs, tablets and smartphones without the added complications of wires and passwords. For smaller devices like smartphones and tablets, Picture Keeper has an app called Picture Keeper Connect. Picture Keeper's app, Picture Keeper Connect, is available for iPhones and Androids in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Picture Keeper Pro is another of the company's USB devices with a level up on the original Picture Keeper. This version was created to backup files from Macs and PCs, but it's still just as portable as the other version. Picture Keeper Pro moves around more than just photos, it can clear up additional space by holding business documents, music and other large files.

While Picture Keeper would be beneficial during weddings and events when you need memory within the minute, Picture Keeper Pro could be the ideal device to bring on your honeymoon travels to backup your devices during your downtime.

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