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Thursday, October 19, 2017

DIY Driftwood Wall Décor

Words by Jennifer Stein
Photos courtesy of Jennifer Stein

We get some pretty wild samples at the magazine. Everything from the latest subscription box to candles that smell like wedding cake arrive at our magazine headquarters on a fairly regular basis. But this one was a bit more of a commitment. Not only was it not a “wedding product” per se, it required a bit more than just smoothing an anti-aging crème onto my skin. This was a full weekend DIY project that would require attention and a little time spent with my honey. Two things I was all too glad to sign up for.

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Timberchic offers a fairly easy-to-use, permanent wood application that makes any DIY driftwood wall project a breeze and they wanted us to try it out – to actually put up the product ourselves to see what we thought.

We decided on covering an accent wall in a guest bedroom to try our hand at doing something fairly straightforward the first time around. I’ve hung wallpaper, painted many rooms and done minor DIY projects time and time again, and this one was no harder than any of the previous projects I’ve done. 

The instructions were very easy to follow and they even have a few videos online to help you through the process.

The wood planks arrive in branded packaging with adhesive strips on the back. After you’ve prepped your wall, ascertained your materials (you’ll need basic items like a pencil, chalk, level, measuring tape, hand or electric saw, ruler, rubber J-roller and utility knife) and determined your starting point, you can begin application.

The results were beautiful. It took us seven hours start-to-finish and a few minor splinters in our hands to create a gorgeous accent wall. We used the four-inch "Coastal White" on a wall that was 14 feet wide by nine feet tall. You’ll want to make sure you order a little bit over what your room requires in case of mistakes and if you do own a table saw to make the cuts, the project will go much faster.

By following the instructions, enjoying a little DIY project time with your love, you can recreate any room – kitchen, bathroom, laundry room or any space in your house that needs a little love.

Please note, this is a permanent application product and not intended to be removed. The quality and beauty of Timberchic speaks for itself.

So, go on newlyweds and enjoy a weekend indoors – where with Timberchic, you can bring the outdoors in. Pricing starts at $10-12 per squre foot.

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