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Monday, June 7, 2021

Get Radiant Skin Before the Wedding

Words by Lauren Ertl
Photos courtesy of Codex Beauty

Taking care of your skin before your wedding day can feel like guessing work. And, let’s be honest, you have enough on your plate as it is! So let us make it easy for you, go with skincare grounded in science.

Codex Beauty is a biotech company dedicated to supporting the skin’s microbiome. Their process is all about putting the power over your skin back in your hands through plant-based products that actually work (and work incredibly well, if I may add).

Although Codex offers a wide variety of highly effective skincare products, I will be highlighting two that you really won’t want to go without in the months leading up to your destination nuptials. Each product is all about hydrating that beautiful face of yours’ and minimizing the appearance of pores. (You’re welcome, Regina George.)

First up is the Antu Radiance Mist, an invigorating spray that soothes and revitalizes skin. This spray is incredibly refreshing, and it is designed to rehydrate all skin types. Get ready to say “bye, bye” to dull, dry, tired, or uneven skin and “wazzup” to a softer and more toned epidermis. The best part is you can take the mist with you while out and about for a refreshed feeling on the go. Yes, ladies, you can even wear it over your makeup. 

Now, this next product was a game-changer for me, and I think you’ll feel the same way. Codex’s Antu Brightening Serum is lightweight and doesn’t leave your skin sticky like many other serums do. The packaging is simple, chic and durable – something I love to appreciate when I see it. The serum’s pump also makes it easier to get just the right amount so that no product is wasted. Plus, the citrusy smell is wonderful, like walking through an orange grove. 

If you want your skin to be absolutely glowing on your special day, these two products are a must! 


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