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Thursday, August 9, 2018

Gown Embellishment Do's and Don'ts

Words by Lauren Marshall
Photos courtesy of Watters

We wanted to know all about embellishments on wedding gowns. Sometimes brides might shy away from a dress with embellishments for fear of highlighting certain parts of her body. However, embellishments can elevate a gown when they are done right and styled correctly on a bride. Wedding gown designer and founder of Watters, Vatana Watters, and her daughter, Sydney Dunbar, are experts in the industry and they address common questions and concerns about embellishments below!

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Describe ways in which embellishments elevate a gown – specific types like beading, Shakespearean quotes on skirts, colored embellishments, etc.

"When it comes to embellishments there are many options, and it’s such a personal decision for brides. Not only do we use embellishments to elevate a gown, but also to give it meaning. In our latest Wtoo and Willowby collections, you will see Shakespearean love quotes, colorful embroidery and all types of sparkle. We love experimenting with different types of beads, crystals, threads, and even fabric manipulation. There’s definitely something for everyone within our family of Watters brands."

What embellishments are better for which types of bridal personalities (modern, traditional, free-spirited, etc.) ?

"Embellishments can make all types of brides feel like their best self on their big day. A modern bride may opt for unexpected fabric manipulation- it’s about reworking the fabric to look like a completely new element. Traditional brides can glam up their gown by adding a wash of shimmer with delicate beading. This is an option on several of our gowns – it adds a special twinkle that we are in love with. For the more free-spirited girl, large floral motifs and colorful embroidery are on trend right now and perfect for our daring brides."

What embellishments work best for different body types?

"Embellishments can be for anyone. They work on all types of body types. There’s no need for brides to feel like they should or shouldn’t have them because of their body type."

What are some ways in which embellishments accentuate/highlight certain parts of the body?

"Embellishments can be used to draw attention towards parts of your body you wish to highlight. An embellished bodice will draw the eye upwards while details in the skirt can create balance and romance. They can also be used to create new shapes in a silhouette. Strategic placement can work magic to maximize or minimize a bride’s bust, waist, or hips. It’s all about finding what makes the bride feel the most beautiful and comfortable on her wedding day."

For more information on Watters and their gowns with embellishments, visit their website.

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