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Thursday, September 26, 2019

Hindu Weddings: Mexico & Caribbean

Words by Velas Resorts

Mexico has become one of the preferred destinations for foreigners to perform their weddings thanks to the great diversity of landscapes and ecosystems that our country has to offer. From colonial cities, magical towns, large metropolises, enchanting forests, extensive deserts, and heavenly beaches, there is something for everyone.

The Riviera Maya, in particular, is located on the top of the list of destinations chosen by Hindu couples for its spectacular landscapes, pleasant weather and the luxurious services offered by specialized resorts to celebrate and officiate these special events. 

Hindu weddings are unique ceremonies full of splendor and color, as well as a vast tradition and ancient rituals. Some weddings may last several days and often involve a large number of guests, as relatives and acquaintances of both families are invited.

The displays of luxury and sumptuousness are characteristics of these events since presentation is a matter of honor for the family that organizes it. Decorations full of brightness and color are commonly seen during these celebrations as they're created exclusively for the monumental event. Food, drink, music, and dances cannot be left out either.


The bride's dress, the groom's suit, and the attire of the guests are planned in accordance with the occasion where the glitter, colors, and jewels make a spectacular manifestation of grandeur.

Having your Hindu wedding at Velas Resorts is a guarantee that your event will be unique and beautiful, just as you had imagined it. We have everything you need to create unforgettable memories.

Relax and enjoy our incredible facilities and dreamlike landscapes while our expert wedding planners take charge of the planning and logistics to make a perfect Hindu wedding in Mexico.

Let us manage all the details; from a spectacular setting and scenery to dazzle your guests, to the most delicious traditional food and fun music that will make your wedding a celebration that you will remember for a lifetime.

Trust the experts and live the Velas Weddings experience.

Images courtesy of (in order of appearance): Amor Amor Weddings (1st & 2nd) & Banga Studios (3rd & 4th)

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