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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A Magical Iceland Engagement

Words by Courtney Kellar
Photos courtesy of Rene Tate Photography

While destination weddings are the name-of-the-game around here, every now and then we like to mix things up and throw in a destination engagement shoot. Traveling to a far flung destination for your wedding is one thing, but going on an adventure for your engagement is a whole other ball game. For Mandy and Alex, the decision was an easy one. “We travel a lot together, so it seemed quite instinctive that some of the most important photos in our lives should capture our adventures abroad,” says Alex.

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Also, the soon-to-be bride wanted to do something just plain crazy. “…we linked up with a U.S. photographer we found online, half way around the world in an island-country in the middle of the Atlantic, and took photos in a sleeveless gown at below 40 degrees with the craziest weather which changes every five minutes,” says the couple. “It was the best thing we ever did together!” So, what exactly was their chosen “crazy” destination? Iceland, of course!

Mandy had always dreamed of visiting Iceland after learning about it in school. After she and Alex visited three years ago, they were hooked. “It’s been the place which tugs (really hard) at our heartstrings ever since,” says Alex. “Sitting on the edges of both the North American and Eurasian plate, Iceland’s got an exciting array of volcanoes and lava fields, raging waterfalls, white glaciers and tranquil fjords. There is something majestic about Iceland’s landscape and culture. It’s like a tapestry with ever-changing backdrops.”

It was the silence of the countryside that drew Alex and Mandy in and they wanted their engagement photos to have a certain amount of magic and mystery to them. “Iceland’s relatively flat landscape is subtle, yet unique…not a famous landmark or brightly-lit city, but somewhere subtle yet strong, simple yet special – just like our relationship.”

Speaking of magic…it seems Iceland was the perfect choice for this unique and special couple. “Iceland is known for its many myths and legends involving elves and trolls,” says Alex. “Although we didn’t encounter any on our trip (or in our photos), taking our photos there gave it an almost transient, magical feeling – as though it was our own fairy tale in a distant land.”

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