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Thursday, January 12, 2023

Iceland’s Otherworldly Wedding Spots

Words by Stacey Marcus
Photos courtesy of various

Image courtesy of Hotel Rangá

Looking for a novel spot to launch your life together? Cast your gaze on Iceland where Mother Nature waved her magic wand to create a land lush with wondrous spots to wed. One of the most lovely places for adventurous couples to get hitched, the Land of Fire and Ice features a plethora of otherworldly landscapes that serve as awe-inspiring settings. The destination is accessible on Icelandair from many key U.S. airports. 

Images courtesy of Hotel Rangá

“Lovebirds can take wedding photos under a crystallized waterfall or alongside a ‘bridle’ party of Icelandic horses, and opt for a nature-inspired ceremony in the highlands or exchange vows by candlelight in a cave,” says Eyrún Aníta Gylfadóttir, Hotel Rangá Marketing Manager. Whatever their wildest Icelandic wedding dream, there is no place better to stay and celebrate than at Hotel Rangá, a family-owned cozy lodge, iconic for being one of the best places to see the Northern Lights. Iceland is also a bucket list trip for many, so it allows couples and their guests to not only celebrate a wedding but also explore a desirable destination together,” notes Gylfadóttir.

Images courtesy of (left to right; top to bottom): Hotel Rangá (1st & 6th); Blue Lagoon (2nd & 4th); Sky Lagoon (3 & 5)

Hotel Rangá hosts between 25-40 weddings a year with 80% of the weddings outdoors. On property, couples can wed by a rolling river, underneath a reindeer chandelier, or in either of the private dining rooms. Wedding coordinator Majken Egumfeldt-Jørgensen is more than delighted to curate a wedding to meet a couples needs whether they want to arrive at a church in a Super Jeep, tie the knot on top of a snow-capped glacier or host a Pagan Wedding. Couples can buy out Hotel Rangá which can accommodate 100 guests in its 51cozy rooms, including continent-themed suites, gourmet dining at the acclaimed Rangá, and geothermal heated hot tubs for starlit soaking after a day of exploring. A wedding in Iceland will be full of jaw-dropping images and indelible memories.

Images courtesy of (left to right; top to bottom): Hotel Rangá (1st & 4th); Blue Lagoon (2nd & 3rd)

While catching the Northern Lights and seeing a volcano erupt are possible in Iceland, here are a few experiences:

  • Visit one of the geothermal lagoons including the new Sky Lagoon or iconic Blue Lagoon. These are great spots to bookend your trip.
  • Dine on delicacies including puffin, fermented shark, sheep heads, reindeer, and sour ram testicles.
  • Chase waterfalls and visit geysers in the Golden Circle.
  • Spend time in the colorful capital city of Reykjavik enjoying music, dining, and meandering. 
  • Hike highlands and look out for trolls and elves.
  • Visit black sand beaches in Vik.
  • Learn about and experience Icelands iconic horses at Icelandic Horses.
  • Climb around a glacier and navigate an ice cave with South Coast Adventure.

Images courtesy of (left to right; top to bottom): Blue Lagoon (1st, 3rd & 4th); Hotel Rangá (2nd)

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