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Monday, September 14, 2015

Simple & Sexy Lingerie

Words by Courtney Kellar

When it comes to weddings, sometimes less is more. This can certainly be true when it comes to your intimates or lingerie. There are endless options when it comes to what to wear underneath your wedding gown. Depending on the dress and your need for support, you could wear a full-scale corset or nothing at all. For the brides looking for that happy medium – enter Negative Underwear.

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Negative Underwear is a luxury lingerie brand which aims to promote a new type of sexy: uncomplicated, considered and minimal. All of the brand’s pieces are simplistically elegant and would fit seamlessly under any variety of wedding gowns. There’s an invisible layer of protection and support in a variety of soft and lovely shades. The brand’s pieces are high-end enough for your wedding day, but still practical for day-to-day wear and for your honeymoon.

We received and couple of samples to review and were surprised and pleased with the quality of the bras and panties. They’re truly lightweight and breathable, but still luxurious and chic. Honestly perfect for tropical destinations where you’re going to want lightweight, breathable materials against your skin. If you’re a no-muss, no-fuss kind of girl, then Negative Underwear could be the perfect option for under your wedding attire.  Visit for more information or to begin shopping!

Photos courtesy of (in order of appearance): Kava GornaRobert Massman

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