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As the gateway to the Hawaiian Islands, Oahu is often where visitors experience the spirit of aloha for the first time. If your dream wedding destination includes a sophisticated city on the shores of stunning Pacific beaches set against the backdrop of an impressive volcanic crater, then Oahu is the Hawaiian island for you. With Hawaii’s cosmopolitan capital of Honolulu, which includes the fabled shores of Waikiki, Oahu offers romantic, beachside vistas as well as upscale hotels, gourmet restaurants, exciting nightlife and world-class shopping.

Perhaps your pleasure is a more secluded location.  You can find that as well on Oahu within a short drive.  Ko Olina and the north shore provide a distinct contrast to Honolulu, with amazing tropical resorts and some of the best surfing in the world.  Whether your wedding fantasies include a hotel with the utmost in elegance, Victorian traditions or a nature-filled backdrop, Oahu offers outstanding venues for your special day.

Quick Facts

  • Airports: Honolulu International Airport
  • Time Zone:  Hawaii UTC-10
  • Weather: Planning a wedding on the Island of Oahu is easy because the weather is very consistent; with high temperatures averaging in the 80’s and lows in the mid 60’s.  August is the warmest month and January is the coolest, but the variation from the average is just a few degrees. 

Marriage Regulations

Hawaii does not have any residency requirements, there is no waiting period nor do they require any blood test or physical exams.  You can apply for a marriage license at the county clerks office and the fee is $60.00 (cash).  Both the bride and groom must be present at the time of application.  You can marry immediately after getting your license, which is good for 30 days from the date of issue.  The minimum age for marrying in Hawaii is 18 and you may need to present your birth certificate as proof of age.  If either person was previously married, the date of divorce or death must be provided.

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