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Oregon Center for Tourism:

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Visting Oregon once is simply not enough time to soak in all the state has to offer. The landscape differs immensely from the sandy beaches of the shore all the way to Mt. Hood which is open 365 days a year for skiing, snowboarding or any winter sport. Having a vast landscape makes this state an interesting place to tie the knot.

This state has jaw-dropping views and activities that will take visitors deep into the wilderness to get in touch with their wild-side. Experience Oregon and all its beauty and choose between the gorgeous mountains or the sandy beaches as a backdrop to your big day. Oregon experiences 4 seasons and residents remain active all year long!

 Quick Facts

  • Time Zone: Pacific (UTC-8) for most of the state but the rural southeast area is Mountain (UTC-7).
  • Airports: Portland International Airport, Eugene Airport, Rogue Valley International-Medford Airport
  • Weather: The weather in Oregon can be described as mostly mild. The Cascade Mountain range divide the eastern and western sides. The coldest days start in January while the warmest start in August. Atmosphere is mostly sunny and dry.

Marriage Requirements

Residency in Oregon is not required. Those looking to be wed must provide an ID such as a drivers license, birth certificate or S.S. card. If divorced, must provide certification finalizing divorce. Must be 18 years or older and blood tests are not needed, a 3 day waiting period is in effect after applying for a marriage license. License is valid for 60 days and can only be used in Oregon.

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