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I started out in the fashion industry photographing for fashion magazines, journalism and editorial assignments around the world. After being asked to photograph a wedding for a friend in the fashion business, through her wedding and word of mouth, the next thing I knew, I started photographing weddings all over the world. After photographing weddings now for over 15 years, I am still inspired and honored to
be a part of someones life and to capture their life moments. I really feel that to capture a wedding you need the fashion skills to capture beautiful, authentic portraits but also the skills of a journalist to capture the split second moments of life.

I really trust that I am guided to not only capturing the moment but also to working with the right clients. We always find each other! I am also the owner of Couture Book which makes beautiful one of kind hand made books that turn your wedding photos into a work of art. I feel that my greatest gift that I can offer is my creativity and my ability to capture the essence of the moment.

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