Jayce Keil Photography & Film

As a husband-and-wife wedding team, we go beyond traditional photography and videography; we’re storytellers, weaving the tale of your love in stunning destinations. Our synergy captures not just moments, but the essence of your love story, transcending mere visuals.

We don’t just take pictures; we create an unforgettable luxury experience. From our initial connection, we prioritize understanding your dreams and desires, curating a visual masterpiece that mirrors your vision and surpasses expectations. Every frame and scene is a testament to our commitment to your love story.

Allow us to be your visual storytellers, preserving your journey and destination with the artistry and luxury you deserve. Experience the world through the lens of your love with us in all its splendor.

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Lemons and Lake Garda: An Italy Real Wedding Story

When it comes to wedding planning, couples often search for ways to make their special day truly unforgettable. For Corey and Paige, the answer was clear: a destination wedding in the picturesque country of Italy. We had the pleasure of interviewing the newlyweds to discuss their enchanting Lake Garda ceremony and the reasons behind their…

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