How Your Wedding or Honeymoon Can Help Maui

In the wake of the tragedy inflicted on West Maui by recent wildfires, it is imperative that brides and grooms continue to consider Maui for their destination weddings. Destination I Do has partnered with local Maui wedding planner, Taryn Stark Wyant, to spotlight areas of Maui open and eager to host couples and their families and friends!…

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Dmitri & Sandra Photography

Aloha, we are Dmitri and Sandra. Best friends, business partners and, husband and wife photography team. We are based on the island of Maui where, you will find us near the ocean playing in the surf, or relishing in the island’s abundant beauty.

Over the past decade we have had the honor of photographing some of the most beautiful weddings in Hawaii and across the globe. With an innate sense of what’s important and driven by a mission to create organic, timeless imagery, we put our heart and soul into each wedding to create authentic and soulful memories.

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6 Ways to Honor “Aloha” During Your Maui Wedding

Hawaii is a destination that captivates with its stunning landscapes, vibrant culture, and rich traditions. If you’re planning a wedding on the beautiful island of Maui, incorporating local customs can add a unique touch and make your special day even more meaningful. We spoke to two experts, Lokalia Farm, Montage Kapalua Bay‘s cultural ambassador, and…

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Maui Destination Wedding: A Tropical Dream Come True

Love has a funny way of bringing people together, and for Ashley and Jay, it was the digital world that played cupid. Meeting on Match in October 2018, they quickly discovered their shared love for adventure and travel. Two years later, in July 2020, they decided to take the plunge and got engaged. With their…

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Top 9 Destinations in the World for a Beach Wedding

Beach weddings have become increasingly popular in recent years, and it’s not hard to see why. The combination of beautiful scenery and romantic atmosphere with the sounds of crashing waves makes for an unforgettable wedding experience. If you’re planning a beach wedding, you may be wondering where the best locations in the world are for…

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A Maui Wedding with Rustic Charm

couple stand at altar by ocean

Love can sometimes find you in the most unexpected places, and for Klarisa and Kevin, it was at their workplace, the front desk of South Coast Winery in Temecula, California. Although they had previously known each other through mutual friends, working together brought them closer. Fast forward to March 2015, and their first official date…

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Bre Jane

Aloha! I’m Bre Jane, your incredibly-passionate-about-film wedding photographer based in the breathtaking landscapes of Maui, Hawaii.

With an unwavering passion for photography, film, fashion, travel, and a deep connection to the community, I bring a unique and soulful perspective to every wedding. I’m here to capture those once-in-a-lifetime moments with a collaborative and creative touch.

My innate sociability and keen eye for beauty make your photography experience fun and candid. I create a comfortable and welcoming space, allowing you to be your authentic self in front of the camera with just as much guidance as you’d like. For couples who want something a little bit different and love a creative and editorial look. My photography has been featured in Vogue, The NY Times, SMP et al.

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Real Wedding at Four Seasons Maui

Robert and Alexa met “the old fashioned way,” at a bar, but after their love blossomed and it came time to tie the knot, they opted for a non-traditional path. “We love to travel and some of our best memories together are from various vacations, especially in Hawaii,” the couple says. “And a destination wedding…

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A Wedding in The Rainbow State

Kandice met Grant in a rather serendipitous way– while enjoying dinner with a dear friend at a golf club. Grant asked to sit with Kandice and her friend Alison, and they chatted for six hours! Kandice gave Grant her number at the end of the night, and the relationship blossomed. Little did Kandice or Grant…

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A Luxurious Aloha Wedding

Amidst the reopening of the world following the pandemic, many couples have opted to forgo the large, lavish wedding ceremony and instead choose a small and intimate, yet luxurious, destination celebration. Lia and Ryan did exactly that! When they first began the planning process, they originally envisioned an elopement in Paris. But, their plans were sidelined due to travel…

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