The Best Locations for a Fall Wedding

(Feature image by Gideon Photography) One of the easiest ways to ensure a stunning wedding backdrop is to choose a location that bursts with natural beauty. And what better time to incorporate nature into your backdrop than fall, when the treeline is set ablaze with red, orange, and gold hues? We asked some wedding experts…

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Have Lover, Will Travel

Weddings are an opportunity to gather that is not to be wasted. Ceremonies by Have Lover, Will Travel create a transportive experience that moves your guests emotionally through the lens of your romantic journey together. You’ve found your lover, you’ve gotten engaged, you’ve chosen the destination, and your friends have flown in to celebrate. Now what will be said? What words will guide them through the appreciation for the moment? How will the tone be set to allow the planned celebration to unfold? Have Lover, Will Travel’s Founder Liz Norment is a professional writer with a penchant for love storytelling and an inherent desire to capture emotions, moments, and anecdotes as they intertwine through the cinematic retelling during your ceremony.

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Tiffany & Rob’s East Hampton Garden Chic Wedding

When love finds its home at the intersection of dedication and elegance, a wedding as memorable as Tiffany and Rob’s East Hampton, New York celebration comes to life. In a recent interview, the radiant couple shared their journey to the altar, divulging the intricate details that transformed their special day into an unforgettable destination wedding.…

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The Lake House on Canandaigua Lake

Nestled amidst the beauty of the Finger Lakes region in upstate New York, lies a hidden gem for couples seeking solace and serenity. The Lake House on Canandaigua offers a tranquil retreat, inviting guests to immerse themselves in the awe-inspiring surroundings while enjoying luxurious amenities and warm hospitality. The Lake House on Canandaigua, perched on…

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Fantastical Upstate New York Wedding

Melanie and Eric’s wedding in Summit, New York was a true reflection of their love for nature, fantasy and the medieval era. The couple met on OkCupid in 2014, and their shared love for Lord of the Rings was a great conversation starter. After years of living in New York City, the couple decided to…

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A Countryside Wedding in the Empire State

As New York City natives, Ny and Jodi were used to the big city’s fast-paced hustle and bustle. So, when Ny first popped the question, they knew they wanted to escape the rat race for their special day. For this couple, that meant a relaxing homespun destination wedding in the countryside of New York.  “We…

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By Brittany Branson – Live Wedding Painter

Live Wedding Painter

This day is beyond special to you.

So remembering it in a personal and meaningful way is too.

While your beautiful flowers will wilt and that scrumptious menu will be devoured, a painting is forever.

A live painting experience creates a one-of-a-kind keepsake you’ll be excited to hang on your walls from the first moment you see it – allowing you to recall your most cherished memories every day and share your day with the ones you love.

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Backstory Wedding Films

Luxury Cinematic wedding videography

CAPTURING EMOTION THROUGH CINEMATIC STORYTELLING: The mission of Backstory Wedding Films is to allow you to relive the best day of your life through cinematic storytelling. We believe that telling your love story through the eyes of a cinematographer is what makes the difference between a cinematic wedding film and a simple wedding video. Love is the most important thing to our clients, and through our lens we capture not only the magical moments of your wedding day, but the unique story that led you to those magical moments.

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5 Castle Wedding Venues in the U.S.

I’m sure at one point or another every little girl dreams of her perfect wedding day (I know I have.) From fantasizing about your dress to the flowers in your bouquet and the grand venue, chances are you have a clear vision of what we want our wedding to look like. With some couples yearning…

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Mini Moon to New York City

New York: as many times as I’ve been there, adrenaline hits my bloodstream like a double espresso: discovery, innovation and possibilities await– a feeling akin to falling in love. There’s no shortage of prose exalting the city that never sleeps. Everyone from your cab driver to your concierge has an opinion – a thesis –…

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