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Destination weddings are simple to coordinate and especially affordable in comparison to your average stateside wedding. Destination weddings are also a lot less stressful, especially with the right tools and the right travel agency and wedding planners.  Your destination wedding process begins with your introduction to your dedicated travel expert, who will be there every step of the way. They’ll help you find your destination, your resort, and can work within any budget to help you book the wedding of your dreams.

Follow below for the 5 easy steps for planning your very own destination wedding:

Step 1: Explore Possible Destinations

- All-Inclusive resorts are located in a variety of settings from cliffside gazebos in Cabo San Lucas, to the sprawling 7-mile beach in Jamaica.
- Your travel agent can help you find your perfect destination based on your specific desires.
- Utilize a handy destination wedding quiz to narrow down your options..

Step 2: Choose Your Resort

- Determine what you envision for your wedding resort. Do you want a chic contemporary resort? Do you want the best beach available?
- Your travel expert can offer many resort choices based on your comfort level, budget, or wants and needs.
- Your guest list will influence your resort choice, and you should consider what they want from the resort, like exciting nightlife and entertainment, or daily activities and wellness programs.
- Choose a location that’s easily accessible for guests. Examples: West Coast guests traveling to Los Cabos, or East Coast guests flying easily to Cancun or Punta Cana.

Step 3: Determine Your Level of Luxury

- Determine your resort budget and don’t forget to add in the costs of travel, which can fluctuate greatly throughout a year.
- All-inclusive resorts include unlimited food & dining but at various quality levels. Is top shelf level alcohol important? Do you require a special diet or desire gourmet menus?
- Determine what you’re comfortable with your guests spending per room per night.
- Resorts offer tiered-room pricing and may offer both economical and luxurious suites at the same resort. If you choose a luxury resort you may outprice what your guests are willing to spend in order to attend your destination wedding.
- Want the ultimate wedding venue? Consider luxury upcharge venues like rooftop terraces or private reception locations.

Step 4: Select Your Wedding Package

- All-inclusive resorts offer wedding packages that fit any group size or budget.
- Wedding packages are typically shown from lowest priced to highest priced.
- They can include everything needed for your wedding, from decor to a private reception.
- Customization is always welcomed, and you can always add additional decor, services, and extra guests at an additional charge.
- You’ll have a wedding department and wedding coordinator to help you every step of the way, and they’ll be on-site to help throughout your destination wedding.
Use this destination wedding cost calculator to get a real-world estimate in seconds.

Step 5: Plan Your Wedding

- Destination wedding planning typically doesn’t start until around 3 months prior to the wedding date.
- You’ll have complete access to catalogs and other vendors, with a wide variety of decor, flowers, food, and entertainment to choose from.
-Decide if you want to utilize your resort’s photography team or hire an outside photographer.
- Choose your reception venue, menus, and if you want any additional services like DJs, live music, or upgraded cakes and desserts.

This guide is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to destination wedding planning. The great perk of hosting a wedding in Mexico or the Caribbean is that you have complete access to resorts that meet any budget constraints, offer as little or as much as you would like in inclusions, and rest on some of the most beautiful beaches in the world! Based on your group size, you may even be eligible for further perks, like free room upgrades, complimentary anniversary nights, free private events, and much more!

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