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July 10, 2013
Words by Darcy Sang
Photos courtesy of Pearl Beach Paperie

Stationery can sometimes fall on the destination wedding back-burner, but it can be a great and creative way to set the tone early for your W-day. Your “save the dates” will be the first representation of your wedding that your guests will see, so it’s important they reflect your style and personalities. That being said, having the freedom to create whatever you want can sometimes be a little overwhelming. Darcy Sang, owner of Pearl Beach Paperie, has some advice for couples entering the stationery-design process. 

How long does the process take?
“Timing depends on where you are in the planning process, but I recommend giving yourself at least six months to create your paper vision,” Sang states. “If you are looking for a custom designed invitation, it can take awhile to figure out the best paper, wording and design options to fit within your budget. You can start the process, even if you don’t know all the specifics of your wedding just yet, the design we come up with, together, might even help you narrow down a theme or look for your wedding day.”

What to look for when selecting a wedding invitation designer.

“Selecting the right wedding professionals can greatly reduce your stress when planning your wedding. You want to make sure that the stationer you choose has a working knowledge of the printing processes and proper etiquette,” Sang says. “I often make suggestions to help my clients stay within their budget and to make the process easier. It’s best to work with someone that truly has your best interest at heart.”

What rules of etiquette should I know that people sometimes forget?
“There are many etiquette rules from who should be included on the same wedding invitation, to how the names should read and the proper wording on the invitation itself. This is one of many reasons why it is a good idea to work with a professional in the industry. I assist my clients in selecting appropriate wording and provide them with a guide to create their addressing list,” Sang explains.

What should I do before I put my invitations in the mail?

“I always send the completed invitations with helpful instructions on stuffing, sealing and mailing,” Sang says. “For example, when you take the invitations to the post office, you’ll want to ask about ‘hand canceling’,” a process which avoids having each one of your beautiful invitations go through the postal machine and marking up or potentially harming your invitation suite.  I also recommend having your invitations weighed for proper postage, both domestically and internationally. It’s little tips like these that I share with my clients to make sure their invitations are handled with care.”
For additional tips and advice or start designing your own custom designed wedding invitation, visit: pearlbeachpaperie.com.

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