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October 3, 2017
Words by Cara Davis
Photos courtesy of Shutterstock

Cara Davis from has weighed-in before on tips and tricks for planning your destination wedding or honeymoon. This time she’s back to discuss ways to take advantage of all the best resources at your disposal. Best of all, each resource below is inexpensive or free! So here are a few wedding “freebies” available to all willing to invest a little creativity and research.

1. Inspiration and tools.
Free wedding websites abound for brides and are more accessible than ever through mobile apps. Not only do these sites house details about your engagement and big day, but most also track your RSVPs.

2. Printables and other DIY crafts.
Whether it’s menus and place cards or invitation suites and banners, a quick search will open a world of free, often customizable typography for you to print. is one of my favorite wedding sites and offers a beautiful collection of free printables.

3. Photos.
Sign up for photo gift websites like, who often offer free-ish photo canvases (you still pay shipping and handling). You can also score 30 free prints from when you create a free share site where your friends can see your engagement and wedding photos.

4. Gift registries.
Most retail stores offer free wedding registries, but modern couples are increasingly turning to online services to fulfill their registry needs. is one such site, enabling couples to register for gift cards to retailers, restaurants and even grocery stores.

5. Something borrowed.
Let it be known that you’re looking to borrow certain elements for your wedding, like candlesticks, crystal serving bowls or even an antique car (for pictures and reception transportation). Chances are friends or family have just the right serving dish, decor or conversation piece you need to make your wedding pop.

6. Something used.
In addition to borrowing items from friends and family, it’s easier than ever to peruse other people’s stuff in this digital age. Sites like help you trade unwanted items for desired ones including wedding dresses, shoes and other necessities.

7. Giveaways.
Blogs often offer giveaways to build their email lists or to generate web traffic. Subscribe to RSS feeds for several of your favorite sites, then periodically search for “giveaways” for which to sign up. Create a separate email account just for these promotions so you don’t clutter up your personal inbox.

8. Vendor perks.
Some wedding vendors offer wedding freebies just for using their services. A florist might offer a free bag of loose rose petals for throwing down the aisle, or a videographer might throw in extra copies of your wedding DVD. Ultimately, you can’t get it if you don’t ask!

By taking advantage of free resources, you won’t feel the pinch when splurging for items or in areas which are really important to you. And after your wedding is complete, you might want to consider “paying it forward” by giving away items you’ll no longer use.

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