Get Help Organizing Your Ideas With Mural.ly

October 26, 2017
Words by Alicia Clark
Photos courtesy of Mural.ly

Brides, whether destination brides or not, are always on the look out for new ways to organize their ideas, plans and thoughts. Organization can often be difficult (trust me, I know) but with the newly launched website Mural.ly, perhaps it can be made just a bit easier. Murally (sign up for free!) is like a sort of white board where you can stick just about anything you find on the Internet. Content can be drawn from YouTube, Vimeo, Pinterest, GoogleMaps, DropBox and many more. 

Anything you find on the Internet which you wish to revisit later, can be easily stuck to your Murally board in a manner which is simple and uncluttered. Murally content can be stretched, stacked and layered to suit your fancy. Create multiple boards for all of your interests, projects, and plans. A notable feature of Murally is that a mural can be shared with a group, so you, your wedding planner, significant other and whoever else you want can all help plan for the big day. 

Murally makes it a breeze to store multiple items which have to do with one another without having to switch to multiple boards (although you can if you want to!), and then have to dig through everything to find what you want. By joining Murally you are afforded a space where you can lay out all of your plans, big and small, individually or in a group in a single, easily accessible location

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