Destination Wedding Keepsakes: A Modern Video Message

July 3, 2013
Words by Courtney Kellar
Photos courtesy of Evergram.com

For better or for worse, destination weddings are often much smaller than hometown weddings. While a lot of couples like the idea of having an intimate W-day, a downside is that some pretty meaningful people in your life might not be able to make the trek. Thankfully, modern technology is making it more easy to incorporate MIA loved ones into your wedding celebration; whether it’s a webcam, Skype or a live photo stream on a website. One such site is Evergram.com.

Born out of potential tragedy, this website allows your loved ones to pre-record, compose and construct heartfelt messages to be delivered on your future wedding day. When Evergram’s CEO and Co-Founder, Duncan Seay, was diagnosed with cancer in 2010, he and his business partner Jeff Caden developed a concept for a website which would send wisdom messages to loved ones delivered after one’s death. The idea quickly evolved to include all types of occasions and quickly became a solution centered on life’s important occasions and creating deeper human connections.

Evergram.com allows its users to speak to the future while reminiscing on the past – just what a good wedding speech is all about. Your guests and loved ones can create multi-media messages (video, audio, pictures or text) to be retrieved at a future date (your wedding day) and stored secuarly and permanently on Evergram’s cloud-based platform. This website attempts to use techonology to form stronger, more healthy relationships. According to co-founder Caden, “When video, text or audio messages are sent for future delivery, whether hours, days or even years later, the degree of thoughtfulness typically increases.”

The best part is, Evergram is easy to use and share. You begin by creating a customized invitation and then sending it out to your guest list or personal network. Upon receipt, friends and family quickly and easily leave their heartfelt messages for the wedding couple. The keepsake messages are then automatically aggregated into an online album delivered on a future date to the couple. Evergram.com is currently free for beta users, but will likely introduce a payment program in the future. The site also has an app available in the Apple iTunes store for both iPhone and iPad users.

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