Envelopments Wedding Invitations


July 9, 2013
Words by Alicia Clark
Photos courtesy of Envelopments

I think wedding invitations are a hugely underappreciated factor of what goes into planning a wedding. This could just be because I’m a word/design kind of girl, but I get really excited when I see top-notch stationery. In my humble opinion, I would even go so far as to say that the material on which information is printed on, is just as important as the information itself. 

Wedding invitations are like a preview for the guests to see what a couple’s wedding is going to be all about. Is it going to be edgy and modern? Is it going to be vintage and traditional? Or will it inform guests of a fantastic destination wedding get away? The stationery says it all. So whether you’re a paper-nerd like me, or you’re just eager to get your invitations out, consider Envelopments for all of your stationery needs.

On the Envelopments website, their mission statement promises only the highest quality of paper products. “Envelopments’ mission is to enable the design, sales and innovation of custom communiqués and exemplary paper presentations. We pioneered the mix-and-match system paper products, ideas and related tools while still focusing on quality, unsurpassed customer service and extremely fast fulfillment.” Check out their page dedicated to weddings for details.

Envelopments offers a wide array of cards which you can customize to your own liking. No two Envelopments cards are alike because it is up to you to personalize your card just the way you like it! Mix and match to your heart’s content to create the perfect wedding invitation or announcement. The Envelopments website has a whole section dedicated to inspiration to get those creative juices going.

Not to worry, even if you’re not the best at design, Envelopments will guide you through the process of making your cards and will even put you in contact with a dealer/designer to assist you in creating the perfect wedding stationery. So when it comes time to inform your loved ones of your big day, use Envelopments to break the happy news. Paper-nerd approved.

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