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5 Tips for a Bachelorette Party

November 15, 2018
Words by Preferred Hotels & Resorts
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There’s no greater honor than being asked to attend a best friend’s wedding as Maid-of-Honor, but there’s also no greater pressure than having to deliver the “best destination bachelorette weekend in history” (at least in the words of the bride-to-be!)

Elaine Macy, a veteran travel planner and EVP of Global Group Sales for Preferred Hotels & Resorts, the largest independent hospitality group in the world, shares her top tips on how to navigate the planning process and create the most unforgettable bachelorette getaway that will be revered forever and help MOHs attain bragging rights for life.

1. Don’t procrastinate on getting the party planning started: As soon as you have a timeline in mind, sit down with the bride and ask her a few questions about what she envisions for the special weekend. Does she want an intimate group or a band of 20? Who does she want in attendance? What activities does she want to participate in? Does she have any bucket list items that could truly make the weekend the best? If she says clubbing in Vegas isn’t her thing, make sure you listen to her. Remember: this is not your party and no one wants an unhappy bride.

2. Choose a destination that fits her personality: Once you have an idea of what the bride wants, start thinking about destinations that would be an ideal fit, as this is a key way to ensure the perfect ambiance. If she’s the life of the party, check out Nashville. If she’s a Francophile, what about a Parisian getaway (or cheat a bit and go to Montreal)? If she’s an adventure junkie, look into St. Lucia for its hiking, waterfall abseiling and water sports. If she’s a homebody, do some research on exciting things to do within a 60-minute drive. Having traveled to 40 countries in my life (sometimes my work brings me overseas for one lunch!), my top five favorite destinations for a bachelorette party by theme include: California for a getaway focused on spa and wellness (check out Ojai Valley Inn), Florence for a trip all about food, Turks + Caicos for spotting celebrities, New Orleans for a vacation fixated on live music, and Costa Rica for adventure.

3. Choose a hotel or residence that makes sense for the group: At Preferred Hotels & Resorts, we know that there’s no one-shoe-fits-all solution for every group. When deciding the accommodations, make sure you ask the appropriate questions. Does that property’s personality match the brides (i.e. party hotel or serene spa setting)? What type of food/restaurants are available (when only room service will do after a long night out)? What are the room configurations and what amenities do they have? The Preferred sales team are experts on helping find options that fit what you’re looking for and coming up with some great ideas on where to stay and what to do once you are there. As an independently minded brand, we understand the affinity of finding singular, authentic and exclusive group travel experiences that lead to the most Instagram-worthy bachelorette getaways.

4. Get creative with the itinerary: Most hotels have fantastic concierge services that can help you plan a phenomenal, personalized weekend and it’s essential you do not miss out on the opportunity to tap into their connections! They know the local hot spots and the newest, most delicious restaurants in town (and have pull to circumvent waiting in lines or limited reservation availability). Also, do some research of your own. Check out various travel blogs on what they recommend doing in your destination of choice.

5. It’s all in the details: Once the destination is set, the accommodations are booked and the itinerary is planned, be sure to communicate to the group what’s in store because one of the best parts of traveling is building up the excitement and counting down the days! And if you’re a planner who likes to go a little overboard like me, it might be nice to plan a few extra little surprises when everyone is finally together, whether that’s welcome travel packs with sunscreen, Advil and gum, or a fun gag gift for the bride. Putting in that little extra effort always goes a long way.

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