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A Wedding Planners’ 10 Do’s & Don’ts


October 16, 2015
Words by Sheraton Carlsbad Resort & Spa
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Wedding planners have seen it all, but what do they actually think that they won’t tell the bride-to-be? To get the scoop we tapped into Louise Lambert, Wedding and Catering Manager, and Debray Ayala, Director of Social Events and Catering, at the Sheraton Carlsbad Resort & Spa, one of Southern California’s premier wedding locations. Louise shared with us five things she wants to tell her brides and grooms, but never would…until now.

  1. Do use Pinterest and bring decor ideas, culinary concepts and photos to your wedding planner or catering manager. 
  2. Do compile a list of contacts with set-up details, arrival times and flow for all vendors, so the bride doesn’t have to field phone calls the day-of. 
  3. Don’t forget about flowers on a warm day. Remember to spritz them lightly with cool water and provide umbrellas for shade. Ask about refrigeration space before the event so they can stay nice and cool up until the wedding begins. 
  4. Do have a wedding cake. The wedding cake is a timeless tradition.
  5.  Do remember to slow the pace. Take time to eat before the ceremony, enjoy the memories with a glass of wine or cocktail.
  6. Don’t forget tan lines. Have the bridal party avoid sun and tan lines 1-month prior to wedding
  7. Do remember that everyone in the audience is a photographer. You don’t want there to be no smiling faces for the expensive professional because everyone is hiding behind their iPhone taking pics and video.
  8. Do remember to check backgrounds. They are extremely important.
  9. Do choose an officient that fits your personalities, this person is marrying you and will be in every ceremony photo.
  10. Don’t pick a time without thinking about Daylight Savings. Always consider how much light there will be based on the time of year.

Photos courtesy of (in order of appearance): Sheraton Carlsbad Resort & Spa (1st, 3rd & 4th) and True Photography Weddings (2nd).

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