6 Trends In Bridal Jewelry

September 16, 2019
Words by Amish Shah
Photos courtesy of ALTR Created Diamonds

Regardless of personal style or the kind of celebration you’re planning, jewelry will probably always play a key role in weddings – right from the engagement ring down to the bridesmaids’ bracelets. And although solitaires might still be the most popular choice, couples are creating new trends and making their own statements. The modern bride knows great design and seeks out meaningful jewelry that she can wear even after the wedding day. This desire ties in perfectly with the exciting climate of creativity that is taking over the world of jewelry. So whether you’re on the lookout for something classic or unconventional, sensational or subtle, this season’s trends have got you covered.

Hued Up

Color is one of the best ways to add a bit more character to your wedding ensembles. Colored stones and diamonds, especially, can brighten up fine jewelry in many interesting ways. Imagine a rose-gold ring with a pink diamond to go with a dreamy white gown!

Cutting-Edge Sparkle

Created diamonds – now established as chemically, physically and optically identical to mined diamonds – are definitely changing the game. Duchess Meghan Markle is on board, and even Taylor Swift wore created diamond earrings in her latest music video. And what’s not to love? It’s pretty tough to deny the possibilities that come with the choice of a bigger and better diamond, for much less. Plus, for a generation of people that are more conscious and mindful about what they spend on, these diamonds represent the best of both worlds. You can own a jaw-dropping Type IIA diamond and still be able to pay for your wedding or go on a nice holiday. For context, only the best one-to-two percent of mined diamonds can be categorized as Type IIA, so think the Koh-i-Noor, The Elizabeth Taylor Diamond, The Regent Diamond and The Star of the South!

Metal Medley

Who says you can’t mix up jewelry sets or simply make your own? Pair a white-gold band with a rose-gold engagement ring, or layer three gold bracelets that are each a different color.

Fancy Fingers

Sure, round diamonds have a charm of their own, but fancy-shape diamonds are here to slay. Oval, emerald, pear and cushion diamonds are all the rage, especially with celebrities like Karlie Kloss, Jennifer Lawrence, Priyanka Chopra and Gina Rodriguez.

Big Bling

Elaborate designs with many smaller diamonds are out. Bridal jewelry is now more about tastefully highlighting a larger, more exquisite centre stone. Just ask Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez or Paris Hilton.

Stack ‘Em

Like in fashion, layering can take an outfit from drab to fab. Chokers or collar necklaces pair beautifully with lariat necklaces, as do studs with ear cuffs…and everyone loves a well-curated stack of rings. You can combine multiple bands that fit with your engagement ring. And if you’re going the created diamond route, you can give each one of those stacked pieces their own sparkle without breaking the bank!

About the Author: Amish Shah, president of ALTR Created Diamonds, has never been afraid to challenge the status quo. After gaining experience, through his family business, in the diamond industry, and in fine jewelry at an early age, he joined R & R Grosbard Inc. in New York in 2001 and helped transform it into an international powerhouse. Ten years later, Amish took over its operations and led a merger with his family business, conceiving R.A. Riam Group in New York, which includes ALTR Created Diamonds. As the only vertically-integrated diamond enterprise that provides a true end-to-end product, it creates the purest form of diamonds (Type IIA diamonds) known to man.

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