Fashion Forward: Wedding Day Hair

October 2, 2017
Words by Jennifer Stein
Photos courtesy of Melissa Jill

beach wedding hairstylesFor a bride planning a destination wedding, the good news is that the best wedding hairstyles – classic and simple – are the easiest to accomplish.

Start by deciding what direction you want to go. Magazines are a great resource – not only of what is current, but to get an idea of what you like and what you want to avoid. Once you’ve narrowed down the possibilities, talking to a stylist can be a great way to have a dialog about your ideas.


Lisa Forster, a hair and makeup with artist who counts Vanity Fair and GQ magazines among her clients, suggests being a little more experimental when figuring out what you want. Forster, who has done weddings for clients both high-profile and home-town, is an advocate of hairstyles that she calls classic and timeless.


tropical wedding hairstyles“I am a proponent of natural beauty,” she says. “Women look so beautiful naturally. You can do something quite simple and it will look natural, elegant and sophisticated. Think of Audrey Hepburn or Grace Kelly. Carolyn Besset Kennedy was a classic modern beauty – she wore makeup but it wasn’t excessive. She had her hair done, but it wasn’t overly done.”

The bottom line for a destination wedding is to keep your hairstyle uncomplicated. From a simple up-do to loose, casual and sexy, you can find a style that won’t require a lot of effort on a day when you have plenty of other details to think about.  

For Wedding Dates in Tropical Climates, Don’t Worry!  
“It’s sort of an old wives tale that humidity is a problem for hair,” says Forster. “It really is sort of a beautiful additive – because if your hair is naturally curly, humidity helps it along. And even if you’re going for more of a straight look in a humid climate, there are enough great products around right now.”

destination wedding hair tipsA stylist can recommend the perfect products to match any of your challenges. “If you’re going to Hawaii and you have very curly hair and you know that you want it to be straight, just make plans ahead of time, and put the proper product in your hair,” Forster advises. “Or just go with the curls and look natural and beautiful.”

As with all the other wedding details, planning a timeline for your best wedding hair day is important. Forster offers these tips:

Have your hair cut two weeks before the wedding.
“I would say that 99% of women on the planet like their hair a week after it’s been cut,” she says. “If you have enough time to plan ahead, find the style you like and do it two weeks beforehand so that your hair falls naturally the way you like it, and it’s not a fresh cut – especially for photos.”

Allow yourself at least one week for color.

“If you get color on your hairline, it could take three or four days to disappear,” says Forster. “Give yourself a week of washing and living naturally – at that point it takes on a more natural look. Get highlights a week and a half before as well.”

                          ‘The bottom line for a destination wedding is to keep your hairstyle uncomplicated’ 

Consider hair extensions.
“It’s not terribly expensive, and it’s something that can make you feel very special on that day,” she says. “A lot of women don’t know how easy it is. And especially for a destination wedding, it can change a woman’s life! They look very natural. You want to do it about two weeks before the wedding so that you get used to the feeling of having them on your head. If you want to add more hair, add length or fullness, it’s a simple procedure you can do that will make you feel very, very special.”

Keep a clear and open mind.

Finally, Forster offers one more foolproof tip for looking your best on your day. “The most beautiful thing a bride can do for herself is to be in a really good space mentally,” she says. “If you are at peace with what is going on and you accept there are stresses that are going to come up and take it in stride, you will look better. It’s true! Realize what you are doing is a beautiful process and accept there may be a few little snags along the way.

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