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Utilize Your Wedding Photos

December 1, 2015
Words by Courtney Kellar
Photos courtesy of Logan Cole

After you’ve said “I do,” enjoyed your honeymoon and gotten home-sweet-home – the wait begins for your wedding photos. If you’ve hired a professional wedding photographer for your destination wedding (which we think you should!), there’s going to be a waiting period for them to work their magic on your wedding day photos. Once you’ve gotten your photos and soaked-up every glorious image, you may find yourself asking, “Now what?” In the digital age when photo prints aren’t an automatic thing, you’re going to want a creative way to share and utilize your wedding photos. Thankfully, we’ve already found a solution for you! Enter – Artifact Uprising.

We’ve reviewed and shared this fabulous site before, but it’s been a while and they have some amazing new products, which are perfect for wedding couples. Artifact Uprising specializes in helping you create tangible products with your digital photos. Their products are modern, minimalistic and eco-friendly. You can opt for 100% recycled paper and the collection of wooden products is all handcrafted using mountain beetle pine. We’ve reviewed multiple products ourselves and are confident you will be satisfied with the quality and caliber of craftsmanship with Artifact Uprising’s products. They’re beautiful and sturdy enough to be worthy of wedding photos or gifting to newlyweds. 

Artifact Uprising recently introduced an entire wedding section on their website with gift ideas and unique ways to display and enjoy your wedding or honeymoon photos. The most popular addition is the Layflat Album. Using an old-fashioned binding technique, the Layflat Album features ultra-thick pages that lay flat when open. The ability to have seamless panoramic spreads brings the drama and doesn’t distract from your photos. It’s “designed to inspire awe from cover-to-cover” and is completely customizable…choose from two premium papers, 12 fabric colors and four varieties of foil-stamping. The Layflat Album starts at $119. 

Sometimes creating a photo album can be a lot of work. Feeling overwhelmed? You can also opt to have the Artifact Uprising experts create your album for you. Simply send them your photos and design preferences and they’ll work their magic! They also have a helpful guide with Seven Tips to Building Your Wedding Photo Album.

The brand also offers other varieties of photo books and some start as low as $17.99. If you’re looking for something different or a little more unique, also explore the idea of large format fine prints, postcards, deep-set frames or a wooden calendar…just to name a few. If you’re hoping to get Artifact Uprising products before Christmas, be sure and place your order by 12/6. Happy Shopping!

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