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Find the Perfect Wedding Band

August 17, 2015
Words by Courtney Kellar
Photos courtesy of ASPIRI

After your beloved proposes with the ring of your dreams, it’s time to start planning one of the best days of your life. One important detail which some couples leave to the last minute is purchasing your wedding bands. Most women put a lot of thought into the type of engagement ring they want, but don’t think much about finding the perfect wedding band to match. To help you know what will go best with your engagement ring, we had an expert in the jewelry industry weigh-in. Here are a few suggestions from ASPIRI founder Isaac Gurary on how to select a band to provide a nice balance without being too “matchy.” 

Choosing a wedding band can be almost as stressful as selecting the engagement ring. Everyone wants a beautiful wedding band to perfectly complement their engagement ring.

Ask for Your Ring’s Mate

  • Most engagement rings come with a matching band. Typically the matching band will fit perfectly with the engagement ring and will include diamonds of the same size and shape. This will ensure that your ring matches your band. 
  • If your engagement ring’s matching band is too matchy, and you want a slightly more unique look, choose a band of the same metal with 3 or 5 stones across the shank. 

Add Some Color

  • More and more women are choosing a gemstone ring as a wedding band. A gemstone ring adds a bit of color without overwhelming the engagement ring. Try a ring with both of your gemstones, which adds an even more romantic touch to your band.

Find Your Style 

  • Do you want a more classic ring or a trendy ring? If your style is more on the traditional side, a braided band is perfect. Braided bands are simple but add a creative element to the band, making them perfect for everyday wear. Braided bands also work well on their own and can be worn without your engagement ring. 
  • Don’t be afraid of being trendy. If you do decide to go this route, make sure you can picture yourself wearing the band long term. Keep in mind, you can always upgrade your band, but you’ll still want a band that stands the test of time. For a trendier look, try mixing metals, which is huge right now. Place yellow and rose gold pave diamond bands above and below your engagement ring. The three metals look gorgeous together.

Consider the Alternatives 

  • Instead of a traditional band, consider a ring jacket. Ring jackets wrap around the entire engagement ring and are designed to fit around and enhance the center stone. 
  • Instead of selecting just one band, why not try a stacked look? Eternity bands in yellow, rose gold and white gold really make a statement and look great when stacked. Eternity bands, like ASPIRI’s Lila or Jolie, complement many ring styles and can also be worn alone for everyday wear. 

Consider Maintenance 

  • How often are you willing to get your ring professionally cleaned? If you don’t want the hassle of cleaning your ring regularly, opt for a simple gold or platinum band. Simple bands are super easy to clean – all you need is a soft cloth and you’re set! 

Above all else, take your time! Try several different styles with your engagement ring to find the one you absolutely love and can see yourself wearing for a long time.

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