A Memorable Gift Idea

May 12, 2016
Words by Jennifer Stein
Photos courtesy of AwesomeBox

When it comes time to give a gift to the most important person in your life – it can be difficult to think of something both unique and meaningful. Whether shopping for a wedding gift for your soon-to-be spouse or a “thank you” present for your maids, be sure to take the time to gift something special. The folks over at AwesomeBox recently reached out to us to try their product and we were impressed enough to share it with you! AwesomeBox allows you to collect personal memories, stories and pictures of your someone special – all in one fun box.

With AwesomeBox, you create custom cards that are then gathered together and presented in one package. You can either create the box on your own, or invite friends and family to contribute. Anyone you invite can contribute and create their card(s) online. Each card comes with a pre-set design in which you can add a photo, quote or special message. You can write on both sides of the card, making it easy to add a fun photo on one side and a story or message on the other. The entire process takes three easy steps:

  • Add custom photos, stories and messages online at AwesomeBox.com
  • These are magically converted into colorfully printed 5.25” x 5.25” cards
  • Cards are placed into an elegant memory box that is shipped directly to the awesome recipient

AwesomeBox is the perfect way to mark a special occasion like a destination wedding or honeymoon. Perhaps you relive your relationship leading up to W-Day or commemorate your honeymoon by retracing your steps. For example, I created an AwesomeBox to commemorate a 10-year anniversary – reliving my favorite moments from the last decade. Including pictures taken 10 years ago made me nervous that they would print blurry or pixelated, but all of the cards came out crisp and the color was spot-on. I was also impressed by the quality of each card. They’re made from a cardboard-like paper, ensuring they will hold-up over time.

I was very happy with how the AwesomeBox turned out (my boyfriend loved it, too!), but I did notice a few things you’ll want to know about in advance. For example, you can only add one image per card. I ended up creating my own picture collages in Photoshop and then using those as my “one” image. This was effective, but took a lot more time than if I could have picked a template through the website to place multiple photos. You also don’t get to pick the design for the cards. I would have preferred to be able to select from AwesomeBox’s preset colors and designs, vs. them being randomly assigned. The font for your messages is also automatically selected. That being said, I was ultimately very impressed by the quality of the cards, color, printing and packaging. The process for creating a card is simple and straightforward, meaning any guests contributing would have an easy time adding their own card.

The boxes come in three different sizes: a 25-card box for $49, a 50-card box for $79 and a 100-card box for $119. Once your order is placed, it takes roughly 4-5 business days for the box to be printed and shipped. For more information, visit awesomebox.com.

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