Preventing Bridezilla Syndrome

June 13, 2013
Words by Jennifer Stein
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The world of female monsters is small, and their origin generally is a result of some action involving a man: a kiss from the dark side transforms a young maiden into a vampire; a stolen moment of bliss in the temple of Athena morphs a beautiful woman into Medusa; one question and a ring turns a fair lady into Bridezilla. While conquering two of these require great effort, stakes and swords, preventing the emergence of Bridezilla only requires minimal strategy and care.
To understand the Bridezilla syndrome, one must look to her origins: The bride-to-be begins the process of planning the wedding and feels unrealistic pressure from herself, family, or friends to put together the perfect nuptials. With demands being too much for any mortal, the metamorphosis occurs leaving a wake of damaged friendships, strained communication with caterers, florists, and wedding planners and questions from the groom asking if he really wants to commit to this creature the enemy without divine guidance along the way. As you plan, enlist the services of wizards to bring magic to your day. Especially withbefore him. So, how does the knight in shining armor assist in warding off the demons within her?
The process begins with answering two questions as a couple: “Whose wedding is this in the first place?” and “What is the point of this wedding?” By keeping the focus on the fact that it is your wedding day as a couple and expressing this fact to your family and friends and maintaining that focus, many unrealistic expectations from them can be kept at bay. As for the answer to the second question, many couples would say that it is to plan a celebration including the important people in their lives to share in their most sacred day. Then why do so many of their actions indicate they are planning for perfection? No one remembers perfection if it comes with strife, expectations, and rigidity. Perfection is should be the feeling taken away from a celebration where the couple and guests feel at ease and valued.
Secondly, as a couple – plan together, get organized, and set a timeline. Bridezilla can emerge when the stress of wedding planning becomes overwhelming. By getting organized from the beginning, stress levels will remain low.
With a list of what needs to be done, get appropriate help. No dragon-slayer ever toppled  destination weddings, most venues have wedding professionals to help you or a list of those who can. These angels are used to accommodating all kinds of tastes and needs – use their resources.

Finally, show up for your fiancé. The tasks to win the princess were not done from the couch. Talk to her about what needs to be done and take on the tasks you know you can do well whether it is planning outings at your destination or finalizing the details of the wedding dinner. Do what you can – it is the purity of heart that conquers evil. Your bride will see that in you and be glad.
Now, with the wisdom of good and evil, be off, valiant ones, to do your best and ensure your “Happily ever after”.

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