Sweet Nothings

Memories that Last a Lifetime

June 20, 2013
Words by Alicia Clark
Photos courtesy of ROXandSAN

Your wedding is a day you will want to remember for the rest of your life. While memories may last a lifetime, photographs of the event can often fade. Make sure your favorite wedding photos are preserved in a beautiful way with ROXandSAN Vintage Portraits.

ROXandSAN Vintage Portraits are created using an artistic lithography technique to keep photographs in pristine condition while providing a distinct artistic quality at the same time.

The image is processed and manually printed using special ink onto fine art Italian paper, creating a unique texture all its own. This provides a black and white print you will be sure to cherish as you and your bride or groom move through life together.

Lithography is an art form that has been used for decades, making it perfect as a gift for parents or grandparents whose wedding photos may have become faded over the years.

Ensure that your photos pass the test of time by immortalizing them with ROXandSAN Vintage Portraits. 

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