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Excuses Stop Here

November 14, 2017
Words by Taylor Wilson
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The countless times I’ve heard someone say, “If I had her body…” makes me wonder just how often women pass up adorable trends because they don’t believe they can pull them off. Almost everyone is self-conscious about their body image in some way or another and often times, it forces them to dress for their figure and not their style.

When setting off on a destination wedding adventure, everyone in attendance should feel confident and sexy wearing these trendy styles, no matter what their perceived flaw may be. It’s time to start embracing the body you were given and stop finding excuses to pass that adorable dress up. Thanks to, you can learn how to pull off those stylish numbers while accentuating your assets and drawing attention away from what you may be insecure about. Ladies, excuses stop here!

Excuse #1: “I don’t like my flabby arms, shoulders, back and buttocks” says the key to the bandage dress is that it keeps everything defined and under control and suggests a high V-neck dress that covers and zips up the entire back, has sleeves that hide the shoulders and arms, and conceals and defines the behind.

Excuse #2:
 ‘I don’t want to go all ‘Sofia Vergara’ with my cup runneth over cleavage” suggests a boat neck dress that keeps the chest area covered and in control, but still accentuates “the girls” just in a more subtle way.

Excuse #3: “I don’t want to embarrass myself wearing something too tight, short or sexy” says you can look sophisticated and successful in a bandage and suggests a scoop neck, short sleeve dress that is cut just above the knee. 

Excuse #4:  “My legs would put Charlotte’s Web to shame. I could never wear a short dress with all the varicose veins I inherited from my Grandmother!” says this one is definitely not brain surgery people! The simple solution is – wear a long dress that goes all the way to the ankle.  Wow…that was easy.

Excuse #5: “Serve me up with a side of syrup, because I’m as flat as a pancake.” says have no fear, my dear, the beauty of the bandage dress is that it contours whatever curves you do have, and suggests a dress with a slight, but not too revealing V-neck, and a short skirt to draw attention to your other assets like your long legs and cute behind.

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