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Bundled in Luxury

October 10, 2013
Words by Taylor Wilson
Photos courtesy of Monogrammed Bathrobes

One of my favorite things I always look forward to when staying at a luxurious resort is cuddling up in the hotel’s plush bathrobes. As silly as that may sound, there is nothing quite like the soft, comforting feeling of being wrapped in a fluffy bathrobe. Most hotels provide the opportunity to bring that feeling home by purchasing their robes but at a steep price. Monogrammed Bathrobes offers luxurious, hotel quality robes at an affordable price that allows you to feel like a princess no matter where you are!

Whether you and your bridesmaids need robes to primp in on your big day or you are looking to unwind after all the destination wedding festivities have come to an end, Monogrammed Bathrobes has a number of styles that you will love! With terry, waffle, velour and microfiber robes, Monogrammed Bathrobes takes pride in the luxury of their robes, ensuring comfort is a necessity. We promise, these robes truly are as deliciously cozy as they sound!

Show your appreciation for your bridesmaids by pampering them with a plush bathrobe and add personalization to show them what truly great friends they are. Monogrammed Bathrobes offers $7 monogramming on any robe, available in a variety of fonts and colors. Your bridal party will love this thoughtful gesture and you will be happy you purchased one for yourself too. Lounge around and relax in style by visiting Monogrammed Bathrobes today.  

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