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Petal Perfect

December 31, 2013
Words by Taylor Wilson
Photos courtesy of Flower Muse

Imagine for a moment, walking down the aisle with a fabulous floral arrangement from your local farmer’s market. Unfortunately, it is incredibly difficult to attain such magnificent flowers this fresh in bulk from a florist. Luckily, Flower Muse provides quality flowers from roses and peonies to ranunculus and hydrangeas to create delicious arrangements and bouquets every bride will aspire to carry down the aisle at her destination wedding.

Flower Muse is a site that ships flawless flowers directly from farms all over the world to your doorstep, allowing you to create a bountiful bouquet that will be the envy of all. With dozens of varieties, Flower Muse allows you to pick the perfect petals for your flower arrangements, ensuring quality and longevity. Here’s a quick look at what differentiates Flower Muse from other flower retailers:

  • Quality of the flowers: Flower Muses only works with the best farms across the country – most farms do not pass their high standards. They have great relationships with their farmers (many of them are fair trade certified!) and visit the farms and perform quality tests on a regular basis to make sure they’re up to par.

  • Customer service: The team at Flower Muse is super knowledgeable and always willing to provide advice about flowers – how certain varieties hold up, when flowers will fully open, how to care for each variety, etc – so that customers can make informed decisions. They also know that brides rely on them for one of the biggest days of their life, so they track orders every step of the way, and will send out another batch of flowers if they anticipate any delays with FedEx. (Plus, shipping is always free!)

  • Difference with farm direct flowers: With traditional retail methods, flowers make their way to you anywhere from six to 18 days after they’re cut. With Flower Muse, they’re delivered only four days after they’re cut, which means brides can be confident that they’ll look great on their wedding day.

Flower Muse has made attaining the world’s most beautiful buds from places like Holland and South America as easy as walking into your own backyard and snipping a rose from your garden. Best of all, the flowers are just as fresh! Create the freshest floral arrangements meeting any bride’s standards by visiting to pick your perfect petals. 

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