Grooms on the Go

August 7, 2014
Words by Taylor Wilson
Photos courtesy of ShaveTech

Every bride spends countless hours prepping and planning her look for her big day. After all, it is one that will be remembered forever and thanks to the trusty photographer you hired for your destination wedding photos, it will also be well documented. With that, grooms should make the effort to look suave and sophisticated come W-day as well! Not to mention, be completely prepared for the big kiss!

With a revolutionary design and concept, ShaveTech has brought men around the world a powerful shaver that will change the way they look at shaving. Looking for a close, comfortable shave regular shavers just can’t provide, without the hassle that comes with an electric razor’s bulky design and easily tangled charging cord that you always seem to lose? ShaveTech’s light-weight design mimics a smartphone, easily stored and packed for men on the go.

Keep this friendly gadget close by on your destination wedding and honeymoon and while you are confidently wooing your bride, she won’t have to worry about stubbly kisses. And if it dies? Simply use the attached USB port and plug it into your computer. Simple, sleek and sensible, the ShaveTech will surely be your new favorite travel buddy.

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