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Beauty Must Haves for Brides

November 17, 2014
Words by Courtney Kellar
Photos courtesy of Color Me

As brides-to-be prepare for the big day, every detail of her wedding look is considered from the shoes and dress to manicure, hair and overall makeup look.  Helping to ease the stress of the soon to be Mrs. is my handy cheat-sheet of essentials for the wedding, honeymoon and beyond.

Start off by reaching for a brand with staying power like Smashbox – the perfect brand for brides because all of its products are created, tested and photographed in a photo studio. Most brides will spend hours in front of a camera on their wedding day and it’s important for them to wear camera friendly makeup that will make them look their absolute best! Brides should avoid wearing too much texture on their skin, lips, and eyes as it can become a distraction to guests and gazers. We want the full you to be the focus of the day, not the glaring texture of your eye shadow or high lighter. Sheer applications of color in matte textures are sure bets for brides on their special day.

On top of that, maintaining a flawless complexion for the big day is paramount. You do not want to look like you are wearing a mask, or worse have a streaky or blotchy face. Having the right tools for application is critical. Make sure you always use Color Me a device that buffs your BB or CC Cream, foundation and concealer, and blush or bronzer onto your skin. The device contains a sponge and battery operated applicator. Simply apply your foundation, be it liquid or powder, onto the sponge and run over your face. The device will buff your product in using taps that mimic fingers on your skin – but at a much faster pace (they feature 15,000 taps per minute) – ensuring you get an even and flawless application.

For brides getting married during the day, start off with a BB or CC Cream. These five-in-one skin correctors will prime, perfect, protect, hydrate and control oil. Apply in thin layers with your Color Me until you’ve created the perfect canvas. I like BB/CC Creams for brides because they photograph well during the day and create a natural finish to the skin that is undetectable to the eye.

Next, set your BB/CC cream with Halo Powder. I like Halo because it’s packed full of minerals that illuminate the skin and amino acids that sooth and detoxify. Halo Powder is also hydrating, so you won’t look dry or textured on your wedding day. In place of a cheek tint, use a Halo Blush. Because these powders are hydrating, you’ll create a unique glow that will “wow” your guests. If you don’t have a Color Me, I like to apply the Halo Powders with a fan brush made of virgin goat hair. These brushes will make your blush look like it was airbrushed.

*Artistry Tip: Play-up your blush on your wedding day as the camera tends to flatten facial features and minimize bone structure.

Another must-have on your wedding day is a Be Legendary Lip Gloss. The Be Legendary Lip Glosses are so comfortable to wear. This non-tacky formula comes in a variety of shades that will drench your lips with hydration.

Last but not least! Every Bride needs a Brow Tech to Go! First apply the color using the triangular wax tip. Use the point of the applicator to create hairs at the front of the brow and end of the brow.  Then use the broad side of the applicator to shape and sculpt your arch. Once you’ve finished, unscrew the brow brush on the opposite end of the product to set your brows with the clear setting gel.  

Simple must-haves that ensure all Brides walk down the aisle looking and feeling flawless!

Eric Jimenez is a former executive and global makeup artist for Urban Decay Cosmetics and Benefit Cosmetics. In addition to his corporate experience, Eric has made numerous appearances including being a guest judge on Britain’s Next Top Model and appearances on ABC, NBC and Fox. He is also the creator of the Color Me electric makeup applicator.

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