Silk’n SonicCleanPlus

Get Radiant Skin Come W-Day

February 12, 2015
Words by Jennifer Stein
Photos courtesy of Silk'n

Being a sucker for gadgets and even more of a sucker in the quest for clear, beautiful skin, I was eager to give the Silk’n SonicCleanPlus a spin (pun intended).

The claim: It cleanses skin better than hand washing your face – about 6 times better to be specific. It also removes dirt and dry skin more effectively which can aid with blemishes, fine-lines and wrinkles.

The find: It does in fact clean skin more effectively than hand washing or using a cloth. Using the same cleanser in each situation, I tried hand washing my face one evening and the Silk’n SonicCleanPlus the following night.  My skin felt cleaner, lighter and I noticed when I towel dried my face, I didn’t see any residual make up on the towel after using the device, where I had noticed it the night before by hand washing.

The product comes in two colors – gray or pink – and has a docking station for when it’s not in use and it makes it a snap for easy charging. The design and packaging looks a bit dated at first glance, but it’s actually more functional and has more options than its competitors. With three different brush heads and two speed settings, you have more control over your face cleansing experience – definitely a plus. And with a similar price tag of $99, you do get more bang for your buck. 

This is one product that will get you aisle ready and help keep you beautiful (and squeaky clean) long after W-Day.

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