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February 16, 2015
Words by Jennifer Stein
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One of the best things you can do to put your destination wedding guests at ease is to communicate as much as possible. Keep them up-to-date on all the happenings and info about your chosen destination. To get a bit more specific on how best to communicate with your wedding guests, we’ve asked Amber Harrison to weigh-in. She’s the Wedding and Etiquette Maven with Wedding Paper Divas – the fabulous stationery company.

1.       Embrace Technology! 
Once the gorgeous paper invites have been delivered to mailboxes, handy tech tools can help you stay in touch with guests, particularly when traveling. Appy Couple is a favorite. It is a customizable wedding app that is easy to use and can be the central host for all important information from logistical details to dress codes. It also allows for real-time communication and photo sharing with all connected/invited guests.

2.       Special Delivery
For those who aren’t so tech savvy or have limited phone access while traveling (hello pricey international rates!), printed pieces (schedules, itineraries, forecasts, etc.) can be delivered to guest rooms prior to, or after arrival. Pretty printed daily itineraries, weather forecasts, travel info, etc. can be delivered to guests each evening for the following day. To make guests feel extra special, include a little edible treat or bedtime snack!   

3.       Good Old Fashioned Email
Regularly accessing email via a mobile device has become the norm for most. A quick email to a select, or even a large, group can be an effective way to communicate a last-minute change. To help avoid a scramble or overlooked recipients, take a few minutes prior to the wedding to create and save a few different wedding-related distribution lists. Name them clearly so they can be easily accessed with just your mobile phone in a pinch. A few different group lists to consider include the bridal party, the families, the guests of the rehearsal dinner, all wedding vendors and, of course, the entire guest list.

4.       Try A Group Messaging Service
There are some great and affordable services available that allow you to send a pre-recorded voice message or a text message to a large group of people, without opening yourself up to the shenanigans that can ensue with a large group text. (You all know what I’m talking about.) Just think, now Grandma can get a phone call with your sweet voice, reminding her where and when to catch the shuttle to the ceremony. This option is probably especially helpful for destinations within the United States, since many people may have limited or no phone or text access when traveling internationally. One great option to check out is call-em-all.

5.       Be Friends with Facebook 
Once the guest list has been finalized and save the dates have gone out, start a private Facebook group and invite all your guests! This can be a great way to communicate with the group all throughout the planning process and all wedding-related events. You can share photos, updates, travel information and more. This particular approach has the added benefit of giving guests a chance to get to know each other and build relationships before arriving to the wedding destination, making it more fun to socialize with new friends right off the bat! Lastly, if you want to keep photos from the wedding and related events slightly less public, guests can post all their great shots to the group page, instead of broadcasting to their entire networks. ,

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