DIY Airbrush Makeup Kit

April 14, 2015
Words by Jennifer Stein
Photos courtesy of TEMPTU

Your W-Day makeup is an essential part of your overall look and should complement your dress and hair. It’s also what will ensure you’re camera-ready and look your absolute best in the photos you’ll cherish for a lifetime. Airbrush makeup has quickly risen through the ranks to be one of the top-requested services by brides. While amazing, it’s often times very expensive. Thankfully, we’ve come across an alternative to hiring a professional, while still getting the amazing airbrushed look: TEMPTU Bridal Beauty Kit.

TEMPTU is a leading authority in the makeup realm, first founded in 1981. Starting in 2009, TEMPTU began specializing in offering professional, quality cosmetics for everyday use and to the average consumer. The Bridal Beauty Kit is the best example of this: a professional grade airbrush makeup kit, but easy enough to use for the average woman. The DIY airbrush makeup kit is perfect for brides and their bridal party…giving you the perfect makeup look you wanted, but without the cost of hiring a professional.

It’s a DIY  makeup kit which includes the TEMPTU AIRbrush Makeup System and all the AIRpods (products) needed to make you camera ready come W-Day. Best of all, you can customize your kit to include the colors and shades best suited for your skin – whether you want a classic look or to be glowing and bronzed. Also, since you own the system yourself, you can have perfect, airbrushed makeup for all future special occasions.

The TEMPTU Bridal Beauty Kit includes:

  • AIRbrush Makeup System: Available in 7 colors
  • 3 AIRpod Foundations: an assortment of 12 shades
  • 2 AIRpod Blushes: an assortment of 10 shades
  • 1 AIRpod Highlighter: an assortment of 6 shades
  • 2 Undereye Concealers: an assortment of 8 shades
  • TEMPTU BASE Smooth & Matte Primer

To help you use and make the most of your new system, TEMPTU also offers an online Bridal Beauty Portal where you can go for tips, tricks and makeup ideas. The brand partners with well-known makeup professionals who bring their own experience to the table. For example, TEMPTU recently partnered with celebrity bridal makeup artist Danika Lamb. Here are some of Danika’s tips:

  • Always apply a primer like TEMPTU’s BASE Smooth & Matte Primer to help keep your makeup in place from ceremony to reception.
  • For less mess, apply foundation AFTER your eye makeup. Eye shadow, liner, smudging and blending could make your foundation look messy.
  • Apply highlighter on the tops of the cheekbones, under the brow bone and on the inner corner of the eyes for subtle shimmer and that unforgettable bridal glow.

We received a TEMPTU AIRbrush Makeup System to try and overall we were greatly impressed. The system is easy to use and is definitely user-friendly .While the system might be a bit of a hassle for day-to-day use, it’s definitely worth the effort for special occasions. Our advice is to start light in coverage and work your way up. We found the coverage to be even and long lasting – your TEMPTU AIRbrushed makeup would definitely last throughout your wedding day. Best of all, the kit is a great value. Because you not only get the airbrush system, but also a variety of products and options, you get great bang-for-your-buck. The TEMPTU Bridal Beauty Kit retails for $325 and can be purchased at

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