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April 21, 2015
Words by Natalie Long
Photos courtesy of FitStar

If you are on a tight schedule and busy planning your perfect destination wedding, all you need is 7 minutes and you will be able to get that healthy lifestyle and look you’ve been longing for.

FitStar is all about living a healthy lifestyle anytime and anywhere. You can download the FitStar app on your mobile device so there aren’t any excuses for not being able to get to a gym.

The FitStar Personal Trainer app has quick workouts, little space required and there is no equipment needed. The app includes a get lean program that is designed to lose weight and tone your muscles, the get strong program focuses on building muscle strength by using your own body weight, the daily dose program includes quick 10 minute sessions to maintain a healthy fitness level, and the freestyle sessions are constantly updated so the content has a variety of workouts.

The FitStar Yoga app is designed to give your body a great workout and to improve your flexibility. The program focuses on core, strength, flexibility, posture, breathing and balance. This app is built for all skill levels. The app adapts to your comfort zones and allows you to customize your yoga experience.

FitStar personalizes the designs for your workouts based on your progression and input. You can also stay in the social hemisphere by engaging with friends and other fellow workout partners by cheering them on or starting a friendly challenge to compete in.

FitStar Basic is free!
FitStar Premium (1 month is $7.99 & 1 year is $39.99) includes:

  • All programs
  • All-access freestyle
  • Personalization
  • Customization
  • HD video
  • Premium support
  • Nutritional guidance emails

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