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Early Bird Gets The…Luggage

May 4, 2015
Words by Natalie Long
Photos courtesy of Luggage Forward

We’ve all done it – stuffed our suitcase to the brim to avoid waiting in those long luggage lines. It’s also likely you have run through an airport terminal to make a flight while tripping over a heavy carry-on. If that’s you, then check out Luggage Forward

Luggage Forward is a convenient service that will pick up your luggage directly from your home and have it delivered to your specified destination. They will handle all Customs issues – perfect for destination weddings. During booking, Luggage Forward will gather a few details about your trip and will submit any Customs forms needed for entry into any of the 200+ countries and territories they service worldwide.

Luggage Forward is a great solution for the couple who is traveling for their destination wedding and needs their luggage at their location with the guarantee it wont be damaged, lost or late. If you are the type who likes the satisfaction of knowing you don’t have to waste time in airport lines and your luggage has been completely taken care of, this service can be very useful to you.

The pricing is based on bag size not weight, how far it’s going, how fast you want it to get to the final destination and how many bags are being shipped. They guarantee your luggage will arrive on time or you receive a full refund, plus $500. They also ship large items if need-be and deliver to hotels, cruise ships, venues or a residence. 

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