Tips from an Elopement Photographer

September 21, 2015
Words by Jennifer Stein
Photos courtesy of Sascha Reinking Photography

It’s becoming more common that couples are moving away from large, elaborate and expensive weddings and some couples go all the way…eloping! New York City photographer Sascha Reinking specializes in elopements and shoots between 80-100 couples a year that opt to elope to the Big Apple. Sascha has seen a large increase in his requests for elopement photography and has learned some tricks along the way. So, he has decided to share her tips on how to pull-off a successful elopement!

Eloping is fun! Eloping in a different part of the world is even better, whether it be to a tropical beach, ice-capped mountains or the concrete jungle of New York City. Eloping to your favorite location in the world should give you butterflies in your stomach. But, before you head out to get hitched, make sure to have the basics sorted out. You want to enjoy your wedding vacation and not get frustrated about little things you could have taken care of before the trip. So, here are some tips that should help you during the planning phase. 

1. Call your local city clerk’s office or do some research online to find out what the rules are to make the wedding legal once you return from your trip. Every country is different and there are specific rules on who can perform a ceremony and what your local office will accept when it comes to legal documents. Be prepared so there is no frustration later. 

2. If you invite family or friends to join you on your trip, make sure to give them enough time to organize their travels. Guests need to book flights, reserve hotels and put in vacation requests with their employer. A minimum of 6 months would be great.

3. Educate yourself on what the weather is like during different seasons at your destination. You want to stay away from hurricane seasons, rainy seasons (unless you like the rain) or other weather conditions that could interfere with your wedding and travel plans. 

4. Make sure you have all the papers and documents you need ahead of time for a wedding in a different country. And very important: check your passport. Make sure it hasn’t expired!

5. If you have a chance, scout the location where you would like to get married. Photos online and in brochures often look different. Read reviews and maybe join a local Facebook group to get insider information.

6. And last but not least: enjoy yourself! There is nothing better than getting married to your best friend in a place the two of you truly love!

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