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Fun & Stylish Flash Tattoos

February 4, 2016
Words by Sydney Bowen
Photos courtesy of Flash Tattoos

Flash Tattoos, the jewelry inspired temporary tattoos, have launched a new aspect to their growing business – DIY Custom Design Services. The new online design studio allows clients to personalize and design their own tattoos for their own special occasions. 

For brides looking to commemorate a fun bachelorette weekend without the commitment of the real thing can customize temporary tattoos for their own bridal crew. Give them to your wedding guests as favors from your special day. The ideas are endless with three new customizable options.

If you have decided last minute you’d like to add some temporary spice to your life, go with the ready to ship designs.  Although these are not customizable, they have over 20 different styles to choose from that usually ship within two to three business days. These packages start at $40 USD for 100 tattoos.

For those who want to add their own spin to the tattoos, but don’t want to customize the entire thing, Flash Tattoos has over 30 semi-custom templates you can customize with your text and color choices. Celebrating your honeymoon on a tropical island? Choose your wedding date as one of the options for a sweet, stylish addition to your bikini bod! Prices start at $45 USD for 100 tattoos and arrive to your door within three to four weeks.

Finally, if you have your own vision for your trendy, temporary tattoos, you can submit your own designs for a fully customized experience. Prices start at $150 USD for 300 personalized tattoos and arrive within three to four weeks.

Not only are Flash Tattoos cute and stylish, they are incredibly easy to apply. Just like the classic temporary tattoos from childhood, you cut out the your selected tattoo, place facedown on clean skin and press a damp cloth on it for thirty seconds. Tattoos last four to six days.

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