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Your Best Body with Bikini Cleanse

March 14, 2016
Words by Sydney Bowen
Photos courtesy of Bikini Cleanse

For those who are looking for a quick, effective remedy to curb cravings and slim down, Bikini Cleanse has a solution. With an array of products to help get you in the best shape of your life, Bikini Cleanse provides the tools to help prepare for your wedding, honeymoon or any upcoming event.

The Bikini Cleanse 3-Day Weight Loss System is a perfect quick fix to slim down and curb your cravings. The little sister to the 7-day program is intended not only for a quick fix, but also for those who aren’t onboard for a 7-day cleanse and for ladies looking to reset their whole body at the beginning of each month.

This product is filled with all-natural, tasty ingredients to help you look your best. A perk of this product is that you are also allotted two daily meals during this cleanse, with a pre-approved food list included.

Some customers opt to use this product ahead of a big event, but another way to prolong the benefits of this cleanse is to cleanse the first three days of every month.

This kit contains 3 Bikini Smoothies, 6 Bikini Sticks and 3 Bikini Teas, retailing at $89 USD.

After the feedback from Bikini Cleanse users, Bikini Sticks can now be purchased separately. The Bikini Sticks are tasty water enhancers that help you stay full between meals. Pour one into your water bottle and sip throughout your day.

The raspberry flavor gives you an energy boost and promotes fat-burning action and an upped water intake. Other benefits to the Bikini Sticks include:

  • Increased water consumption
  • Increased energy without caffeine (Bikini Cleanse uses all-natural hoodie and B12)
  • Raspberry ketones burn fat
  • Vitamin C offering antioxidant protection
  • Sweet raspberry flavor that curbs sweet cravings
  • Folic acid, aids in cell repair and regeneration
  • Vitamin B Complex, reducing stress, increasing energy and positive mental outlook

The Bikini Sticks retail $49 USD for 14 servings.

Another fan favorite available for individual purchase is the bedtime Bikini Tea. This herbal, individually packaged tea contains senna leaf to help detox, eliminate waste and rejuvenate on a cellular level while you are sleeping.

The beneficial ingredients of this tea include:

  • Senna leaf, working as a natural laxative to stop bloating and aid weight loss
  • Chamomile flower, working to calm the mind and settle your stomach
  • Spearmint leaf that helps the digestive process and gives you fresh breath
  • Rose hip, providing the body antioxidants and working as a gentle diuretic to flush toxins
  • Orange peel, anti-inflammatory sleep aid that helps increase your metabolism.

Bikini Tea retails at $44 USD for 14 servings.

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