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Wedding Registries: Get a Blueprint

October 5, 2015
Words by Courtney Kellar
Photos courtesy of Blueprint Registry

Registering for your wedding can be stressful enough, but figuring out where to register and what, if any, registry sites to use can add to the burden. Every person and couple is different, so it’s nice that there are registry site options meant to streamline and de-stress the process. Blueprint Registry is one such site. So, what makes registering via Blueprint different? The site enables engaged couples to create customized wedding wish lists based on the layout of their home. I’m personally a very visual person, so the idea of working through my home room by room and coming up with a list of “wants” is much less overwhelming than starting a registry from scratch.

Blueprint Registry recently launched a website redesign and has added even more unique features. Couples can now customize “home” floor plans, do “room-by-room” shopping and add an “experience room” perfect for registering for cash or honeymoon funds. Shopping room-by-room allows you to browse Blueprint’s product catalog in a visual way and can help trigger exactly what your wants and needs are.

Popular options for destination wedding couples are honeymoon registries or charity registries. Blueprint has found a way to also incorporate this option into your registry. Creating an “experience room” allows you to register for honeymoon and cash gifts. You can control each “gift’s” image, title, price and description. You can pick your custom experience items from any of five categories: Honeymoon Fund, Date Night, Wedding Fund, Home Fund and Charity Fund.

When it comes time to begin registering for specific items, Blueprint has its own product catalog which includes items from well-known retailers like Anthropologie, Crate & Barrel, Williams-Sonoma, West Elm and Birch Lane. They also have a collection of unique gifts from select designers and boutiques. Don’t see what you’re looking for? You can also add a gift from any online retailer with a universal registry button. So, any product from any site can be added to your Blueprint Registry.

Another perk of Blueprint Registry is the ability to tag who registered for what. This way guests know whether it’s the bride or groom’s pick and they can also easily arrange a group gift. Finish your registry by opting to add a custom cover photo, engagement photo and a message to your guests. After W-Day, Blueprint will send you a post-wedding purchase summary with information on returns, a list of who purchased what and also all the purchasers’ contact information – allowing “thank you’s” to be a breeze! Blueprint Registry is free for both couples and their guests and for more information, visit blueprintregistry.com.

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